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  1. I realized there is another problem when I turned on my laptop this morning. The system uptime is over 4 days. So I restarted my laptop and the uptime is reset to 0. The I shut down my laptop and left and when I turned it back on tonight the uptime is over 8hrs. I checked AIDA64 and it gives the same figure. So somehow the "shut down" does not really shut down the system, I wonder if it is caused by the expressCache.
  2. This is not a good news since I was looking forward to this update. It feels even worse when it comes to a lenovo product. I just hope this update impacts enough user that lenovo has to work out a solution.
  3. I have the v1.07 BIOS and 7260AC and the same sleeping problem. In additional, my start up time raised from 10s to 1m+ since the replacement of wireless card last Wednesday.
  4. Could use a recommendation too. I had a macbook pro and a sony before I brought this y510p sli and the y510p is the coolest one is y510p. I did tried a few cooling pad for my previous laptops although none would work.
  5. it seems that it is only possible when the 2nd card unplugged.
  6. will get my 7620 next week. let's see what happens.
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