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  1. I'd just go eBay for a 970m, I just sold mine last week....I upgraded to 980m. The 10-15% improvement was too much to resist, and it was only $50 more than what I sold my 970m for . Either way, 970m is a great card for the M15x and OC's like crazy too. The 980m I had to make a dual psu (240w x 2), as any attempt to OC would trip my single psu.
  2. Awesome mod Mr. Fox! I know this thread is dated now, but for others who are curious, a very easy and straight forward mod. Most importantly, relatively CHEAP. I have a M15x (owned new since 2010) and after having a 970m for a year, I upgraded to a 980m, the 10-15% gain was enough of an itch for me. The only problem was the 980m would trip my 240 psu constantly with any attempt to OC (svl7/johnksss vbios). So I purchased another 240 psu and made the mod - now no more tripping! For those with a AW M15x, a dual 240w psu mod is plenty and even easier to construct than the 330w mod, as the 240 psu's have only 1 black, 1 white, 1 green/blue wire..I didn't even have to solder anything! Now my laptop has more than enough power
  3. Look on Ebay for similar specd latops and see what their selling for. Guessing $600-$700, obviously the gpu has most of the value. List with a "best-offer" option, and decide what your willing to let it go for.
  4. I've read 2 sticks of 8G Crucial Ballisiix Sport 1600MT/s PC3-12800 CL9 is the best for this aging legend!
  5. I might try older Thermatake Tide Cooler looks like very simple install.
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