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  1. Watercooled M15x Specs: i7 920XM OC (26/26/26/26) AMD 7970M OC (Core: 860, Mem 1460) 16GB RAM 256 GB SSD Parts: Koolance GPU 210 (2x) 16/10mm tubing and fittings. Aquacomputer AMS 280 rad with integrated D5 pump. 2x 140 Swiftech Helix fans http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/9958106 http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/7433463 cpu stock, no fans gpu load gpu idle. CPU idle.
  2. unifying1337

    [Guide] - M15x with AMD 7970m

    Thank you, I will try the 240W PSU by the end of month PS. CCC 15.4.1 Beta improved the performance of GTA V. You should try it, when buying the game.
  3. unifying1337

    [Guide] - M15x with AMD 7970m

    My 7970m stays never goes above 75°C during long gaming sessions. I monitor it with Afterburner using my Logitech G510 LCD. Im also using custom screws for the heatsink and IC Diamond.
  4. unifying1337

    [Guide] - M15x with AMD 7970m

    I don't use overclocking on the CPU while gaming or anything else. So that's not a problem
  5. unifying1337

    [Guide] - M15x with AMD 7970m

    Im running GTA V with high/normal settings, fxaa, 1080p, advanced settings off. GPU OC: 0.975v, 880/1465Mhz Without CPU OC --------------------------------------------------------------- With CPU OC: 26/26/26/26 the system turned off after few minutes.
  6. unifying1337

    [Guide] - M15x with AMD 7970m

    Afterburner is always on even without oc. Clocks stays at 3D speeds no dips or anything. Since I flashed vbios to 0.975v the performance is better. And in GTA V the fps is higher and constant, maybe due to the new driver. Is removing the centre pin from a 150w psu recommended?
  7. unifying1337

    [Guide] - M15x with AMD 7970m

    Hello guys, I recently upgraded the GPU (GTX 260m) in my M15x to a "Dell 7970m". Worked "good" but I experienced some issues: Here are some specifications: i7 920xm 16gb ddr3 250gb ssd 150w psu 1. My "Active Displayport to DVI Dual Link" does not work anymore. Flashed several vbioses (Dell and Clevo) issue still persist Put the GTX 260m back in and it worked. 2. Displayport to HDMI adapter worked but I get a little blurry picture on my 24" external display. Tried other cables, same result - with GTX 260m no blurry picture I had to use CCC "overscan at 0%" to get rid of the black borders at 1920x1080 Solved by changing pixelformat from 'YCbCr4:4:4' to 'PC standard RGB 4:4:4 (full RGB)' 3. My gpu utilization in games drops to 20-40% range which results in stutter and bad performance. With and without oc the gpu and cpu. Tried several drivers: 12.XX - 15.4.1 CCC Will a 240w psu solve this problem?
  8. unifying1337

    GTX 980m in M15x

    Hello guys will the Gtx 980m work in the Alienware M15x?
  9. unifying1337

    OFFICIAL: M15x - Benchmarking Thread

    hey i have the clevo model from upgrademonkey. --> Nvidia GTX 670MX 3GB for clevo alienware M15x M17x M18x faster than gtx 660 | eBay i dont have any issue with the oc. it works perfect for me )so far i dont get any throttlings.
  10. unifying1337

    OFFICIAL: M15x - Benchmarking Thread

    GTX 670MX in Alienware M15x GPU overclocked with MSI Afterburner: Core: 1000 Mhz Mem.: 2200 Mhz Max. temp during benchmarking = 79°C - - - Updated - - -
  11. unifying1337

    M14x R1 Questions

    my m15x is running 16gb of ram but it is not regognize in bios but in windows
  12. unifying1337

    nVidia GeForce GTX 675MX Problem

    where do you buy your gtx 675mx

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