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  1. Hi guys, I don't know if this is the right topic to post this thread in since this is more of a "Help thread" than a discussion one, if not, then a mod or admin can please change the thread to it's right spot. My problem is this: -I have a drive with an operating system installed and for some reason it never boots up, it always asks me to insert a bootable device, and when I go to boot options, neither of the drives (be it USB with CD or HDD, or the internal HDD or SSD drive) appear. I'll post pictures to make it easier to explain: https://i.imgur.com/WZr6UT4.jpg Boot options (as you can see there are none, only to enter the BIOS) https://i.imgur.com/ZhbL7ab.jpg BIOS settings: https://i.imgur.com/P2PpfYm.jpg (as you can see, it's recognizing my drive in it's SATA location) https://i.imgur.com/b6i0LaV.jpg https://i.imgur.com/LC1g1yh.jpg https://i.imgur.com/UTjESUz.jpg https://i.imgur.com/I2p7SbL.jpg Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. Would also like to know this... But I found on ebay a seller saying that this type of 1070 is possible on clevo p870dm: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NVIDIA-GTX-1070-N17E-G2-8GB-DDR5-MXM-3-0-Module-150W-Upgrade-Kit-/112144267554?hash=item1a1c51b922:g:p9IAAOSw44BYePr-
  3. I kind of plan to get a notebook that handles 2 1080s in SLI in 2017 after I sell my desktop and current laptop, there are very few choices: MSI GT83 Titan SLI - SPECIALTY: Mechanic Keyboard Asus GX800 - SPECIALTY: Watercooling Clevo P870X(DM3-G) - SPECIALTY: Desktop CPU All of these have their own features, and all of them have their own ups and downs. I would like to hear your opinion about which laptop you would buy(if you could or can) and why. I want you to disregard looks because that's pretty subjective. Or would it be best to wait for the 2017 Acer 21x Predator that will feature a whooping 21 inch Curved Display, a mechanical keyboard and 5 cooling fans? But I fear this one will be quite pricey and it's weight will be quite something to consider as well. So... give your opinions.
  4. Would also like to know, just in case...
  5. I love them too. Design-wise, and also because of their much greater hardware specs and upgreadable ability. Altho for me, it's only Clevo and MSI(don't like Alienwares and ASUS). Clevo has that desktop CPU sweet-spot, MSI is a beauty. Yeah, you can upgrade to a 1070, but you can't SLI and upgrade to 1080. :S Although, gaming in a 17 inch display, I personally think FHD is more than enough and for a 1070, that's already pretty enough performance power to run any game at ultra high fps. And it's also very future for the next gen of games. But yes, for more enthusiast people, it's still a stupid decision. Since this model supports QHD and UHD pannels, as well as 120hz pannels that with a 1070, in some titles, you can't max out.
  6. Even with the modded vbios you had to get the .inf drivers? Researched a bit and found this guide: http://null-bin.blogspot.pt/2015/03/upgrading-clevo-p150sm-from-gtx-770m-to.html He does talk about changing the .inf drivers but he at the same time states that if you use Prema's vBIOS you won't need to modify your driver at all. Well, I'll take the risk and will buy a Maxwell card anyway and will try it. If I'm successful I'll even upload a video about it since there are none in the internet, at least about the P150SM. Thanks for the info. Yes, I was already planning on buying a 230w adapter for my P150SM from ceghardcustoms. 230W is definitely enough to run a 980m with a MQ(or even MX) processor without overclocking and using High settings at most at 900p. ... Right!?
  7. 3rd generation processor? A 1060 in a P150EM? You've done it again man... So I do have hope for my P150SM in the future. D*** these Bios restricting pieces of .... Why the hell they don't make this just like desktops, replace and go!?
  8. P870DM owners... Feel sorry for them. Less than 1 year later, the exact same design, the P870DM3 is available with 1070/1080 sli options while the P870DM can't get past a 980(desktop)... And not to mention that this is an extremely expensive machine, you can't get a new one for less than 2000$. Terrible... Just terrible. Upgrades are better for everyone and everything, less, much less waste of resources. But companies get so greedy they just want to make everything dispoasable so you can buy a whole new expensive system a year or two later... Still, a desktop will always be better and cheaper. Just not mobile but fuck that since power hungry laptops like the P570WM or P870DM are so heavy you would need transportation to travel with them anyway unless for really short distances.
  9. So basically I downloaded the mod from here https://biosmods.wordpress.com/p150sm/ Followed all of the instructions and was successful. PS: Donated 5€(isn't much I know, sorry, but am in a tight budget right now). Will donate more in the future. So, now that I did this, will I be able to just mount a 970m/980m in my P150SM, install the NVIDIA drivers accordingly(before installing them, of course, uninstall the drivers of the previous graphics card, the 770m) and be ready to go and play some games? I really need to make sure of this because if it's not possible at all, I'm going to lose a lot of money because not only are either of those cards expensive as all hell but I'll have a hard time reselling them from where I am from(Portugal).
  10. Only Prema Mod? Nothing else at all? IF that's all that I'm supposed to be doing, that's good. But need some clear info.
  11. Hi, I have a Clevo P150SM (Not SM-A, just SM) with a GTX 770m, bought over 2 years ago. I wanted to upgrade to a GTX 9xxm series, a GTX 970m or even a 980m to max it out. However I have 2 issues. I don't know if I have to do something on the BIOS for the 9xxm series card to work, I hear a lot that I have to modify the BIOS but it's not clear so I would really appreciate if someone knowledgeable adresses this for me. The 2nd issue, is more to do about the 980m only. My Clevo P150SM has a 180W power brick, I don't intend to overclock anything, be it CPU or GPU and I'll play at 1600x900 with mostly high/some ultra settings(no AA or MSAA) with V-Sync ON. I'm sure a 180W brick can handle a 970m + a 47W processor (i7-4910mq) but I'm no so sure about the 980m, which is the one I have my sights on, so is a 180W brick safe or is it recomended to get a 200W+ power brick? And if so, where can I get one that's capable of connecting to the P150SM(with the Barrel Round Plug Tip).
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