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  1. Unfortunately, through USB method, no reaction at all. Does not seem to work for my situation. Let's keep exploring....
  2. Thanks Klem. Working on it. Just another question, because it seems this matter. It is the left or the right CTRL-KEY?
  3. Thanks Klem. I will give it a try. 2 questions though: 1. You mention to remove the battery. This means the laptop battery or cmos battery? I hope it is the laptop battery, you are aware that this type of Rog 751jy, needs to be disassembled to reach the battery? 2. Another question: any ideas on how to read/write the PCIe SSD without a working notebook? Thanks!
  4. Re: Klem --> Read about and tried this method with a USB drive. Did not work. Maybe this method only works with the BIOS on the OS drive. Searching for a way to access my PCIe drive with OS, to see if the .bin file is there. I am currently living in Brazil, which complicates things a little.
  5. I recently tried to update the BIOS of my G751JY from 210 to 211, through WinFlash Utility (yes I know now, not a wise decision, but did it before with 209 and 210, without Consequences). After Windows Shutdown, nothing happened, all LED'S on, except HD LED, but no action of screen, fans, keyboard. Reading on other (Asus) forums, it looks like a bricked BIOS and have to turn it in for RMA. Trying to find out if there are other solutions. Note: I haven't yet tried option of memory like hexane suggests. Anybody same experience and a solution other than returning it to Asus?
  6. Any effort you put into something will return to you, so this was not wasted time and energy. I am going to try this version...
  7. Hi again, Nor v344.65, v344.75 works for me. Screen still gets garbled up, like out of focus...little lines like a Van Gogh painting ((no example, did not make screenprint) So still on v344.11. Any suggestions? -Thanks!-
  8. Hi J95. Long time no speak. Q: you say driver v344.48 is not compatible with our screens. I have an R3/780M/120Hz Same goes for this driver 344.60? Thanks-
  9. OK. But even with the previous version: v.6330 IDT 92HD73 I cannot uncheck, because if I do, my screen goes blank (different colors:). Any ideas why that is and is there a solution? Is it true that to enjoy the Maxx Audio improvements to the fullest, unchecking he power management option is necessary?
  10. Good to read it solved your problem. There is an additional catch though. In the following forum it says you can improve the sound quality: M17XR3 IDT Windows 8 Driver v. Maxx Audio 3 + Quality This update does not seem to work because of this power management setting, which (I think) like is default unchecked in this version. I think the old driver v.6330 IDT 92HD73 has this default enabled, so no black / white etc screens. This does however restrict the sound improvement, because power management needs to be disabled. @J95: any ideas to workaround?
  11. I have been "struggling" to install a GTX 780M in a Alienware M17X R3 (3D, 120HZ, so no optimus / IGP) There where conflicts getting the IDT and GPU running together. White, Yellow, Pink screens I found out the following using IDT Control Panel. Unchecking the option [Advanced>Enable Power Management], results in black screen and sound getting messed up. @Jinx1337: I don´t know your IDT Audio Control Panel settings, but maybe this discovery, leaving Enable Power Management checked, can help.
  12. OK, RMA entered and RMA finished. Following conclusion: Our techs have inspected your card sent in for RMA and have noted that the GPU on the card you returned to us is damaged. The bottom corer of the supplied picture clearly shows that the die itself has been cracked. As all cards are inspected and tested before shipping, this damage could only have occurred when you installed the card. In the past when we have encounters such issues, the card was installed incorrectly and the heat sink screws where tightened on one corner too much and then when the other screws were applied the corner of the die was crushed. If all the screws were too tight then the entire Die would be damaged, not just the corner. So, looks like my bad, doesn't it? Offer = to repair the die for $150. Another question regarding pasting the card on the back, the VRAM modules that are in touch with the motherboard. I sent this question out and got some reply on notebookreview from DanGRClose "It's not a standard thermal pad, it was more like a thermal sponge to be honest. If you still need the info on this I think you could order them from Dell or FrozenCPU, another option would be to stack dual 1mm thermal pads but my only concern would be heat buildup as the thermal pad isn't very porous and it could lead to additional heat being trapped between the card and mobo. I would like to know what is the best way to paste the vram of the GTX 780M that is on the other side, against the MoBo. Anybody suggestions? Thanks!
  13. They told me they have tested the card. Anyway, I have started the process.
  14. So, time for a conclusion. Today, I managed to get an external monitor. With and without 780M GPU. With and without the 3D screen. I only got something on the external monitor: without the GPU (independent with or without the 3D screen) the Intel rapid storage technology, by pressing ctrl + i. Within this utility I could not do nothing, no raid setup - mine is ahci. Exit menu -> I see one cursor line on the external screen and starts with 8 beeps. So I have some difficulties concluding what the problem is, and I am not in the position to test nor the GPU nor the screen, seeing I do not know anybody nearby with a similar laptop. I still have some doubt about my flashing activities regarding the BIOS. Is it possible I f**ed up my Motherboard with the different flashes? I am inclined to follow my initial question, which I addressed @svl7: is it possible to flash to a BIOS with the pre-modified settings for my system, that override the current settings: AHCI, Integrated IDT Audio disabled, IGP disabled and enabled PEG... In order to verify if the GPU is the problem, I will start the rma process with the GPU vendor. Also I will try to contact Dell Brazil, seeing what they can do. Time to surrender 2All: Thanks for the support.
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