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  1. lower end psu's like ocz, tt and cm low spec psu's always buzz just coil whining you can't stop it that's why they're so cheap my ax1200i doesnt buzz at all so it was a good RMA don't think you can change coil whine - but as others have said check that it's not ur psu that's buzzing - when i had an antec tcp1200 it buzzed like crazy with a 680 - but it was the 680 making all the racket l0l my 7970 buzzed as well under a silverstone strider 1000w so i dont expect high end psu's to scream
  2. well, first thing: are you going to overclock and sli? the latter two boards are oriented for those that wish to achieve maximum power within a tiny board and you can't really compare them the first board is a standard ATX board - with the full pcb layout the last two boards are both m-atx boards - they cut some of the bottom pcb's off don't get the 7990 if you're going to overclock because the card uses two power-saving 7970's - so your power bill doesn't shoot up also, get a case that will last you long - i would not recommend cm cases for that trait since you're into that style of case may i recommend this? Corsair Carbide Air 540
  3. you'll be sad to know that your mobo's barbs will not be able to utilise conventional water tubing - ur barbs are 1/8" but conventional tubing is either 3/8" or 1/2" in inner diameter - so you're gonna have to source another motherboard block with such a small case, i don't think watercooling it would be the way to go since you're cooling a cpu and two gpu's but you won't be able to fit much radiator comfortably, unless you're willing to build an external rad box watercooling is pretty expensive and i would advise that you start off with something roomier to begin having said that, prove me wrong if you like watercooling
  4. what liquid cooling options are there for the gtx780 that are preloop? i can only think of a ghetto antec kuhler 620 or the accelero extreme hybrid thingy i'd go the sound card as the rest have said a loop with just a gpu is pointless and a loop with everything is time consuming and would use more money than you'd expect
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