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  1. Anyone have an issue with the NVIDIA Control Panel vanishing from the desktop context menu? Concurrent with this it will not launch from the control panel, it is there it just crashes on launch. It comes back if you reinstall the drivers, but it vanishes again. This happened for 382.05 and 384.76. See logfile attached, you will need this to view: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896645 It looks "normal" to me until you see the BUFFER OVERFLOW errors during font linking... 9:40:24.8186378 AM nvcplui.exe 7128 RegEnumValue HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontLink\SystemLink BUFFER OVERFLOW Index: 0, Length: 220 I reinstalled and added a logfile where the control panel worked. Homer Logfile.zip Logfile Working.zip
  2. Nevermind... you freakin' rock! The download is active now. Now I just need a completely free weekend to totally redo my M18xR2. Homer
  3. I have a mild overclock on the CPU but the GPUs are running factory. Homer
  4. You might need the modded INF to add your AW / video card combination. Either download one from someone or mod it yourself. You'll have to search for it, I'm not certain I can post links. Homer
  5. Yes, they will fit. I just did the whole hog upgrade from M18xR1 to M18xR2 with 980M's in SLI. Still waiting on safe drivers to update to more current than 353.30. Homer
  6. Ditto here, but with dual 980Ms. Staying stock yields no throttling (or at least minimal). When I really see an issue is when my power brick drops out. Must have a heat/current trip. I have to unplug it and plug it back in every so often. Homer
  7. I just did mine with similar specs but 8GB and 580Ms in SLI. I went all the way to R2 with 3920XM and dual 980Ms. I specifically was targeting being able to run Witcher 3. It runs well now with everything stock. Next up is modest overclocking, but I want to stay within a single 330W adapter. Nothing is too strenuous and there are plenty of videos available. Now that I have pulled it apart more than 3-4 times, I can undo all the screws from memory. I just keep them organized in little rows to help with getting it back together without spare parts. Homer
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