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  1. Hello everybody! Will heat sinks from Alienware M18x R2 physically fit in Alienware M18x R1? I have 2 x AMD 6970M. I have read that heat sinks from R2 are better. I do not know which parts will be the best. Right Side Video Card Heatsink For R1: DP/N: 29NC1 029NC1 AT16L0010F0, AT0FM00A0C0 For R2: DP/N: 8J8TM, 08J8TM, AT0MI0040C LEFT Side Video Card Heatsink For R1: DP/N: 0Y8T9Y, AT0FM0070F0 For R2: DP/N: V4NXK, 0V4NXK, AT0MI0010C0 Taking this opportunity, which is better to add to M18x R1: two graphics cards AMD AMD 6970M or one 7970M? Could anyone help me?
  2. When I flash stock 675M vBIOS it has 1212 HWID. However when I flash any of the 580M vBIOSes it change to 1211 in DOS but when I restart notebook i has 1217 in Windows. When I return to DOS and check (nvflash -- list) it has 1217. I've tried flash 580M vBIOS and turn off and disconnect AC adapter for 10 minutes. After restart it has 1217 in DOS and Windows. It only has 1211 till restart notebook.
  3. I've installed drivers with Yours modded *.inf from above post. However it shows me that I have GTX 675M, but I have flashed 580M vBIOS. Earlier, when I has been installing drivers with Have a disc method I always choose GTX 580M. At this time I had only to choose GTX 675M gpu for install drivers.
  4. I've flashed via nvflash -4 -5 -6 name.ROM command from this BIOS: GTX580M_P1_080v_085v_092v.rar I have BIOS from P170HM on my P150HM.
  5. It is: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1217&SUBSYS_71001558&REV_A1:) I've flashed 092v of this BIOS: GTX580M_P1_080v_085v_092v.rar
  6. I've tried all vBIOS versions for GTX 675M, however problem still exist. Afterwards I crossflashed it with GTX580M version, but I can not install drivers for it. I've tried laptopvideo2go "349.90_win8x64" and "347.71_win8x64" but all the time I have information "The driver selected for this device does not support this version of Windows". I have Windows 8.1 x64 with disabled driver signature enforcement. I do not know how to install drivers for GTX 675M with crossflashed with GTX580M vBIOS.
  7. I've found the auction and AMD Radeon HD 7970M graphics card comes from an Alienware M17X R4. Is it possible to get it working in Clevo or Dell's GPUs will never work in Clevo notebooks?
  8. Hello, I have Clevo P150HM with GTX 675M. However I have problem with this card described at this thread. I've bought another GPU card which. It is AMD Radeon HD 7970M. At this time I have second problem. When I turn on notebook fans goes at maximum speed, three leds from left side are blinking and after a dozen seconds the laptop reboots itself. It is possible to boot to windows but after few seconds after log in, it reboots. It doesn't matter if it is in BIOS or in Windows. Notebook always reboots after a dozen seconds. Do I have to flash other BIOS to GPU, however I've tried few BIOSes. Maybe to make it work under Clevo P150HM I need special BIOS? Could someone help me in this problem?
  9. I've cleaned the MXM card contacts. The problem still exists. It is quite strange because display never went black during games. The problem often appears when I for example would like to see photo on eBay auction or when I want something to click (link etc.). That I have the feeling about this.
  10. I have problem with this card. Sometimes display on the notebook goes black and after over a dozen seconds three leds on left side are blinking and fans are spinning at maximum speed. After next over a dozen seconds notebook reboots itself. I don't know where is the problem.
  11. Hello, I have Clevo P150HM with GTX 675M. However my notebook can not detect graphic card. I've tried everything. I've upgraded BIOS from P150HM to P170HM. I've upgraded GPU BIOS to this from the second post: Looking for VBios for 675m | NotebookReview I've upgraded GPU BIOS to this from this post: Please identify this 675m card. | NotebookReview Laptop still can not detect the GPU under BIOS and Windows. The only way to install drivers and detect GPU under Windows is installing drivers from LaptopVideo2Go with modded *.inf Could someone help me in this problem?
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