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  1. Hi all Finally I get my nVidia GTX 670M and I decide to create this kind of photo-guide Stuff Needed 1 nVidia gtx670M 1 thermal pads and compound Last drivers o nVidia card modiffied ".ini" file (I get this from laptopvideo2go.com) last bios for Alienware M15x (M15XR1 A09 for me) This is my little... I had to say that laptopmonkey works so good first step unninstall old drivers install new BIOS Need to burn it in a cd and reeboot the computer with it inside (you can also create a bootable USB) second step: unscreew back and front panel (where tactil leds are) and unscreew the right fan back panel 2 screews for get out the front panel front view before/after. Unscreew the fixation of this piece (2scree in the front and 1 in the back) Get out the fan now we extract the refrigeration system It's a good idea clean the dust (my fault ) Third Step, change de VGA Front Back Now we get out the "X" piece that we need to put in the new VGA and now it's ready Thermal compound and thermal pads (Yes I don't use all thermal pads, i Can't wait more....) Fourth step Closing... Just followback the method ... etc etc... push a little for put the front panel. Fifth Step, Install Cancerigen Resolution hahaha If we try to install drivers before change modified ".inf" file well, my ".inf" file it's downloaded from laptopvideo2go and we need put it into folder where we get the VGA Drivers. In my computer is: "C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver\314.22\Win8_WinVista_Win7_64\International\Display.Driver" Now we can install and we can burn the hell Thanks for read!
  2. hi all My 670M It's here, I get all on putted my Alienware but now I can't install the nVidia drivers, say to me that Don't find a compatible hardware. Now Im reading something about .inf file and that I need search in laptopvideo2go, but I don't know how works this kind of files... Im going to read a little more
  3. seems very interesting... then if 670 doesn't work fine I'll try with 680, but I think that 670 will run ok.
  4. I have no answer by Dell support, Laptopmonkey people say to me that better the 670M but I have no idea why... Ill get the 670M, and try on my laptop.
  5. Hi all I decided to upgrade my M15X. Current configuration: DDR3 SDRAM 4.096 MB @ 1.333 MHz 1GB NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX260M 500GB (7,200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive Intel® Core™ i7 Processor 720QM Im looking for nVidia gtx 670M and gtx675M, but no idea what works better on my laptop, I was read some issues about power supply (75W or 100W), about throttling and about incompatibilities. Im reading your posts, and get more and more doubts, can somebody help me? Thank you so much!
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