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  1. There is no brick risk if I choose the bad one is it?
  2. @Prema What version shall I flash in a MSI GT683DXR with a 6GB g-sync 970m? GTX970M-G_6GB_MXM_ZM_OC_PM or GTX970M-G_6GB_MXM_DM_OC_PM? Thanks
  3. Hi, I tried to upgrade my 16f2 with a 970m Clevo card using my old 7970m heatsink but apparently is does not fit. Anyone knows how to fix that or where to buy a new heatsink? Many thanks
  4. Thanks, I assume that the card will arrive with the Clevo vBios and it might need modded drivers or even more unlikely a vBios reflashing. Can the Clevo heatsink be used with the 16f2? Because I already replaced the 570m by a 7970m and I lost the 570m heatsink. Thanks
  5. Hi guys, I'm wondering if this card http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Nvidia-GeForce-GTX-970M-6GB-DDR5-MXM-3-0-Type-B-for-Clevo-Alienware-MSI-/282018741611?hash=item41a9a07d6b:g:W6gAAOSwvFZW7Ntl would post straight away in my 16f2. If not, would I need to upgrade the vbios? How? Or a modded driver? Would the 2670qm be a perceptible bottleneck or is the upgrade still worth it? Thanks
  6. Not sure if 8970M (4Gb vRam) would post. Neither Battlefiled 4 and CoD Ghosts reach 2Gb vRam from a 7970M maxed out at 1080p, so it may not worth it if you don't use higher resolutions
  7. Finally I received and installed the 7970M this week and is working perfectly fine in a GT683DXR (16F2). Just for recap: - Dell cards with vBios 015.022 are plug and play when booting from legacy mode using the msi unlocked bios - CPU throttle problems (Far Cry 3 for example) are solved using Throttlestop 4.0 and turning it on - It may be obvious but a proper 7970M heatsink is needed (or a modded one) - No x-bracket needed - Scored P6337 in 3dmark11 using default clocks (AMD Radeon HD 7970M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-2670QM Processor,Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. MS-16F2) with latest beta drivers Thanks all
  8. Just ordered a Dell 7970m (vbios unknown) + msi heatsink. I am booting from unlocked BIOS in legacy mode. May I need to flash the vbios to disable enduro? Or just the 16f2 will ignore it since it doesn't support it?
  9. When bios in efi-compatible, can't you enter into bios options neither boot from usb?
  10. Fantastic, Legacy ROM is the right bios option to boot a card with uefi vBios. Can anybody explain why? Thanks
  11. Sorry I explained really bad in my previous post (I had lot of fever ). For getting to work a Dell 7970m card with .022 vBios (uefi) we should boot in the unlocked bios from efi-compatible (not legacy)? Was the quoted post below wrong? Thanks!
  12. So the unlocked BIOS boots from UEFI by default?
  13. Is not efi-compatible the uefi one? Thanks
  14. BIOS updated successfully For booting Win7 into UEFI mode, do I have to change to Legacy ROM? Thanks
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