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  1. I once changed the option of achi and, tried to revert the change but no luck i had to format the drive, you could also try with the recovery dvd or with a bootable usb
  2. 1 minute its kind of a lot. i have a kingston v300 with the A05 bios and it boots in around 12 - 15 seconds. Make sure you have ahci turned on.
  3. its a hard drive. http://oi57.tinypic.com/33pags9.jpg i belive you have the avarage speed. if you want to have a better feedback it would be easier to help if you posted which model you have, for example if you have an m14x R1 some bios have the sata speed capped.
  4. Make sure you have the drivers installed correctly. If you dont have the drivers sound wont come out of the subwoofer. i have windows 8 and sometimes no sound came from the subwoofer, after restarting it the driver "reloaded" and sounded good.
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