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  1. well, it's not, it's rated as an 802.ac chip, but it only uses the 2.4GHz bands and does not use 5.0GHz.
  2. if you need to run dust removal you can just install it, run it, then uninstall it. its a resource hog and slows boot speed the rest of the time.
  3. I'm trying to get rid of the original wifi/bt card that drops and is overall garbage. Just making sure the 7260HMW is the best replacement.
  4. No. I ran the dust removal function before uninstalling. there was no dust. it's a gimmick.
  5. Bought an Asus mobo about a year ago. It was a "RoG" model, meaning it was quite expensive, had lots of good hardware, good specs, and can be tweaked to my hearts content. About a year later, and the driver and software updates have all but completely stopped. I wouldn't care too much, but there are still issues. The sound driver wasn't ever that good, with inconsistencies with how the interface works. The automatic update software has never worked. BIOS updates result in completely resetting of the settings, something that Dell has managed to avoid on much lower level PCs. the software used to manage the fan speeds, active over/under clocking and various other settings is clunky. the wifi software (not the driver) is waking the PC from sleep on a regular basis. What really bothers me is that many of the same drivers and software is used in newer equipment but it isn't being back-ported to the older equipment driver page. I've managed to hunt down new audio drivers, wifi software, "AISuite3" software and it works fine. No idea why Asus would do this. My next mobo will probably be Gigabyte.
  6. Here's a few things I did to make my stock y500 boot faster. replaced the Condusiv software-based ssd cache with PrimoCache. Disabled hard drive energy saving in the Lenovo Energy managment software. This helped a lot. Uninstalled the Lenovo Energy management software. Windows handles most of these functions on its own. In fact the battery calibration command disabled charging and forced me to send the laptop in for repair. Uninstalled all the camera software. I rarely use my camera, and the functions it added were gimmicks. replaced windows defender with a faster a/v. I've demo'd a lot and as of this writing, webroot has been the best (just the a/v product, not bundled with anything else.)
  7. I have two issues that i was able to fix. issue one was the wifi dropping completely. I fixed this by going into device manager and disabling bluetooth. Once i did this i never had wifi lock up issues unless i turned on bluetooth. the next issue was trouble with interference as i live in an apartment. i fixed this by switching to a 5.0GHz router and getting a tiny 5GHz usb dongle. it barely sticks out, the brand i got was edimax.
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