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  1. This 780M I got my hands on is great. To be honest, I don't actually notice much of a difference compared to the 680M I was using previously. But still, it's nice. Unfortunately, the 780M upgrade cost me Optimus. A feature I really liked From what I understand there is no way to have Optimus operating inside a system that has a GPU outside of its OEM designated cards due to Optimus only activating in pre-designated device IDs. Is this still the case today? If possible, I'd really like to figure a way to get Optimus back. Fn-F7 reboot really kills the mood :\
  2. I've noticed since day 1 that there's something very wrong with my R4. I have 1 mSSD (primary boot) and 2 storage 750GB HDs in my R4. The SSD is fine, but when trying to access anything from either of the 2 storage HDs, occasionally, there's this loading time when opening a media file. For example, when I try to change tracks, there's very often a very noticeable load time between each track. At least a second or two. It'll show on last.fm that the track has already changed, but at least a 2 second delay before it plays within winamp. The same thing also happens with document files. When I try to open a excel spreadsheet, it takes ages to open up. While excel, the application would open up, the document itself would take a while to load in and become accessible. I've already replaced the motherboard with a fresh one shipped from Dell, but it's been the same thing as the previous one. Has anyone experienced the same thing?
  3. Dump a copy of your current rom. I forgot to once and was very sad afterwards.
  4. From what little time I owned my y500, the trackpad was really flimsy and wouldn't even pick up a lot of time. Maybe consider tweaking its sensitivity? Or you can disable it manually in device manager under mouse and pointing devices. Alternatively, why not use hibernate instead of suspend? Suspend (assumimg you're OS is booting from mSSD) writes to the SSD where as hibernate writes to RAM. It takes more of a toll on your SSD's lifespan than hibernate would and draws more power.
  5. Not sure if I'm reading this thread correctly. Your friend is offering you a 570 desktop setup for your 660M setup? personally, once I'd gone kepler, I could never go back down. If you don't care about heat/wattage, 570 will far outperform a 660M though. Even OC'd.
  6. I'm just here to fulfill the 5 post requirement and download a 680M vbios. If my posts help anyone, that would be great
  7. If immediacy is desired, consider a 670MX or 675M. If you can afford to wait; 680Ms are dropping in price because of the 780M upgrade cycle, consider waiting a little longer and buying a GPU that will hold you over for a longer time than compared to a 670MX or 675M.
  8. what does this thread have to do with the y500? Isn't this just another rally against W8 thread?
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