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  1. Yeah, so, I have a brand new 1TB Western Digital Black (WD1003FZEX) which appears completely undetectable. I was formatting it to create a usable volume and due to circumstances I'd rather not get into, the computer was shut down. Now it spins and makes noises like it's trying really hard to read or write something, as hard drives do, but still doesn't show up anywere, including BIOS and Computer Management: Storage. Things I've tried: Google. Wasn't very helpful this time, surprisingly... I tried turning it off and then on again, tried another SATA cable, tried updating Intel Rapid Storage Technology, tried plugging it into an external hard drive toaster and reading it on another computer through eSATA (the toaster and port definitely work, I used another hard drive and it ran just fine), tried to update BIOS on my board but apparently NONE of the updates from the site work cause they aren't EFIs... Anyway, it's brand new, so if I have to I'll return it. I really don't want to, especially since I already had to wait for a return on a Phantom 410 that came in with a huge dent in it. Just hoping someone here has a quick fix, both for the sake of time and knowledge. I suspect the file system is corrupt and replacing the board on the drive would do the trick, but... don't have one, obviously. : / Regardless, thanks for the read.
  2. It's almost scary how coincidental it is that you asked because I literally just procured what is presumably a 7970m myself. For free I might add! : D Best job ever. Anyway, not exactly. An alternate heat sink is unquestionably required unless you want to take a chance on grinding your own to fit (don't). The HD 5870 heat sink will fit, according to a number of posts but feel free to double-check it on Youtube. Other than that, the procedure should be the same. A Dell card should be usable even without the right VBIOS in order to flash it and actually see what you're doing. But one thing is for sure, the one I put in mine definitely booted to Windows, but there was no picture, as it was from an iMac. Unfortunately the one I just got is from an iMac which leaves me a badly paired couple of problems: I can't see anything but it still boots, and I'm not sure which card it is. The part number turns up results about both a 7950 and a 7970. I can't blind-flash it because it could be the wrong ROM. If my method of finding out blindly by opening Afterburner through the Start Menu search, using Print Screen and opening MS Paint through Start, hitting Crtl+V, then Ctrl+S and then Enter doesn't work, then I'll make another topic about it. : / Anyway, good luck! Lemme know if I can be of any more help. If I can't I'm sure one of the many intelligent people on this forum will.
  3. Hey, I finally go around to flashing my VBIOS with SVl7's .92v MSI GTX 675m rom. Now everything works just fine. I know this is an old thread, but if you're still having issues, I hope this helps!
  4. Alright, I know this is an old thread now, but I just recently stopped being lazy and decided to flash my VBIOS using NVFLASH from a bootable flash drive and I can use HDMI again! I used SVl7's .92v modded BIOS for it too, so thanks a lot SVl7! : D And thanks to everyone else for their help, too. Oh, and by the way, the 675m is Fermi, not Kepler, so I wasn't able to use any of the posted ROMs in the guide referenced by Omega. Just so anyone else in the same boat knows not to use any of those. But it was still a helpful guide!
  5. Yeah, it still has the Dell vbios right now. I never flashed it. Cause I put the pro in procrastination.
  6. Hey, thanks for the reply. This hardstrap/softstrap business is completely foreign to me and you're the first person on any forum to mention it that I've seen. But to answer your questions, I am able to dim the LCD back-light with the function keys and I am able to use original Nvidia drivers without having to mod anything. I just downloaded and installed them from their site as is standard operating broceedure. Like you say, if I flash it based on a guess and it's wrong, I could have wasted a perfectly good $300 MXM GPU. I think the safest course of action, whilst still taking action, is to flash it to MSi GTX 675 Vbios so at the very least the hardware and software ID would be the same. I guess I better got off (or on?) my lazy a$$ and get done. And sorry for the late response. I've been putting this off really hard like I do everything and the disfunctional HDMI has been more and more of an inconvenience so I haven't been on any forums in a while. : P Hope you've solved your own issues by now at least.
  7. Good idea; I definitely should. Since GPUZ won't do it for me, do you know another good way to do it? General Googling for that information ends up leading me in circles. Or to GPUZ. : P
  8. Right. I assume it has to do with the fact that it's a Dell GPU. At this point I guess I'll have to flash it to an MSI Vbios on my own. I have no experience with it, but I have plenty of common sense. : P Still very much open to some experienced advice, though. Thanks for all the replies so far. :3
  9. Okay. Well, I tried to use GPU-Z to save a copy, but it gives me an error message: "BIOS reading not supported on this device.". The version is stated to be 70.24.4E.00.10 (P1314-0005) if that helps. Is there a better way to get a copy of the Vbios?
  10. So I replaced the GTX570m in my MSi GT780DX to a Dell GTX675m and everything works perfectly EXCEPT for the HDMI port. VGA works fine. But the thing is, there's never any sort of error message or notification, no "Device not recognized", etc. Anything plugged into the port just won't show up. No "You plugged something in! : D" Sound effects, so it's more like it's just pretending it's not there. Before I give my hypothesis, here's what I've done: First off, I have Windows 7. In preperation for the GTX675m, I removed the graphic drivers (using "add/remove programs" and "Driver Sweeper", carefully following an instruction set, so nothing gets unnecessarily removed) for the GTX570m, opened the laptop, cleaned and repasted where necessary, installed the card, booted the laptop, installed the appropriate drivers, rebooted. Tried out some games on it and as expected, it throttles constantly, but it functions! Anyway, I hesitantly proceeded to follow Xonar's instructions to utilize his modded bios (retrieved the appropriate version, made a bootable flash-drive, etc). Works perfectly. Installed and activated ThrottleStop to stop throttling (hurr). That works too! :3 By then I noticed an issue with my HDMI port. I can't recall all of the methods I attempted to get it to at least realize that it exists... Reinstalled graphic drivers, went through Nvidia control panel and tried everything necessary there, tried Fn+F2 (for this particular model, that's the "connect to a projector or external display" function). Tried different monitors, I KNOW the cable works, I still use it for other things, I searched for it in Device Manager, tried refreshing for hardware changes, changed some seemingly relevant options in the now extensive bios. One of which was enabling on-board graphics, which I knew would most likely result in a blank screen. It did, so I looked up a picture of the bios to find which function key restored defaults. Blind-booted into bios and restored defaults, works fine. ... I'm sure I tried more, but I can't remember. I suspect it has to do with the new Bios options and I just don't know for sure what it is. I'd rather not kill my computer or spend hours looking up what all the abbreviations stand for just to find it's not the solution. No, I haven't flashed the Vbios, GPU-Z will even tell me that the sub-vendor is Dell. I very much doubt that's necessary, anyway. I really don't want to get into anything else risky unless somebody reputable and very knowledgeable on the subject tells me that it's definitely the solution. Thanks in advance for any help! I REALLY hope to get this fixed. VGA streams 1920-1080, but doesn't look as good. And 3 displays are better than 2. XD
  11. The way I understand it, any bios version that would normally work with your laptop will also work being the unlocked version. It's the same bios, just with more options and permissions. And just yesterday, I used Xonar's unlocked GT780DX/GT783DX bios and then learned how to properly use ThrottleStop and it completely solved my throttling problem. I kept the Dell Vbios for the GTX675m. GPU-Z and everything will even tell me the subvendor is Dell, and it works just as it should. The VGA port works fine, too. The only problem left is that my HDMI port still pretends like it doesn't exist. I hope this helps. : P
  12. If it's any help, I have a GT780DX and just installed a Dell GTX675m (no bios flash required at all) after cleaning out previous drivers through Add/Remove programs and DriverSweeper and installing proper drivers for the current card and it works exactly as intended, throttling and all. x.x Only real problem I've run into is that now my HDMI port pretends that it doesn't exist. I still haven't found a solution from that, but I hope this helps.
  13. Hey, I'm in the exact same boat, so I thought this would be a good time to speak up. I also have an MSi GT780DX and installed a Dell GTX675m (upgraded from GTX570m). Cleaned out all drivers through add/remove programs and with DriverSweeper, installed new drivers and everything works perfectly except I have two problems: HDMI port acts like it doesn't exist and I encounter throttling when I play games (which I've already read is supposedly normal for this card). Although my VGA port works perfectly. And today I learned VGA can stream full HD. XD But my monitor acts like it's DVI and VGA at the same time (Neither device has a DVI port o.O). Anyway, I hope more people see this thread because it's apparently an uncommon circumstance. Help would be awesome. <3
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