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  1. It worked as a alternative backup for me, the thing is I could not use the backup.bat or the ftpw64 for some reason, in ftpw64 it did not allow me to input any commands and closed itself after displaying error 100 without me even having a chance to do anything, the alternative backup software I used worked in converting the fix and I have been able to install the new bios flawlessly.
  2. I have a problem creating my backup of my bios using backup.bat, whenever I run as admin command prompt shows up for one second and disappeared, and no backup is created, im not sure what is going on but I cannot create a backup of my bios (y580 v8.01) the command prompt just shows up and disappears edit: I was able to create a backup using Universal Bios Backup Toolkit 2.0 will the backup created work with the bios fix? or does it have to be through the provided software?
  3. Does this unlocked bios let me access the fan controls? since the fan is locked down I want to use my own software to control the fan and its curve rather than the lenovo software
  4. I would not go with the killer wireless n, one thing is that you are playing on a laptop, if you really wanted low latency you would use a Ethernet jack rather than wireless, and it would be just a waste of money, try going with a intel wireless n or wireless ac adapter, because paying a premium on a product you probably wont fell a improvement on and still having more latency than a wired connection I fell that you should no get the killer "nic" type of wireless care P.S remember to unlock your bios due the the whitelist on the y500 series
  5. the different power requirements are a problem with the i7 drawing more then the vrm output
  6. Im still looking for a way to manually set the fan curve for my y580 but everywhere I search I cant find any control software, if it was possible I would say a custom fan curve would make running at 1Ghz ok but as for the normal cooling curve in the software I dont think it would be a good idea
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