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  1. I purchased the $12 caddy from eBay and it works fine too! Had to add a small piece of cushioning so that the HDD didn´t move upwards though... And I took the bezel off the BluRay reader and fitted it onto the caddy. Success!
  2. Kursed

    Y580 SSD problem

    What model SSD are you using? Do you know for sure that it was working beforehand?
  3. No static here, either. Used the most recent driver from Lenovo for Windows 7 64 bits, and no issues there. Have you checked it´s not the cables you are using?
  4. Pretty happy with Windows 8, plus I´ve seen an improvement in gaming speeds. All is good!
  5. Kursed

    Y500 Matte Screen?

    Have any of you had any extra heat issues due to the decal? Any idea if it would cause any additional heat?
  6. Did you upgrade your BIOS by any chance?
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