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  1. Do you guys think something like this would supply full power? Amazon.com: Energizer XP18000 Universal AC Adapter with External Battery for Laptops, Netbooks, and More: Computers & Accessories Obviously you lose some portability but if you're on an airplane you could just leave it in your bag and plug it in *edit* That one doesn't have an AC out. I think I would get one a little bit different with cord out so you can use the Lenovo 170w supply but I haven't seen any really 'portable' supplies that big. The battery from amazon supplies 66.5 W for it's max output. Perhaps that + the Lenovo battery can supply more juice for gaming?
  2. I've thought about using a portable power pack that would fit into a backpack and supply full power. Unfortunately I haven't found anything that supplies 170w that is light
  3. I don't see what the fuss is about windows 8. I click the 'desktop' button once it loads and it turns into the same desktop as every other windows version
  4. I was going to ask this exact same question! I'll definitely be trying this eventually after I overclock my cards and upgrade the RAM.
  5. Can wait to try this! FC3 on new drivers runs almost at max at 1680x1050, seems I'll be able to max it out soon enough . Probably gonna keep it around 950 mhz since my homemade laptop cooler only cools it a couple c.
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