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  1. Right now I do not own a laptop cooler and I was wondering what would be something good that you would recommend. I am currently looking at buying this one Cooler Master Notepal X3 Gaming Laptop / Notebook Cooling Pad Up to 17" (200mm Adj. Fan Speed) - Newegg.com. I would like to know if there is something better out there that may cool better. I do not mind the price as long as its under $80 which it should be.
  2. I just set a new 3dmark record although It did not save to my account because I did not delete my previous one and I did not pay for the pro version; and for some reason it was submitted twice. Anyway here is the link. NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor,LENOVO INVALID
  3. I just flashed my bios to 2.04 and flashed my ultrabay vbios and I was wondering how to overclock. I tried using msi afterburner, evga precision X, and Nvidia Inspector but nothing will let the core speed above +135. Not even making a .bat program for Nvidia inspector will work. A little help here? I just got the newest driver and I am not sure if that is what caused the problem or not. i7-3630Qm Nvidia gt 750m sli Driver version 326.19
  4. So I have really been enjoying my new lenovo y500 and the game World Of Tanks which I play almost daily. I have recently bought metro last light and I noticed very bad performance. I found out that the problem may be that the stock drivers that came with my laptop are outdated an do not work with the game. So when the new drivers finally came out I downloaded and installed them. I played metro last light for 10 hours straight with almost maximum settings and it was great. Now that I beat the game I went back to world of tanks and it was completely unplayable. I would get horrible black lines going down the screen with triple buffering disabled and get weird stuttering issues with it turned on. The odd thing is that it worked fine before the new drivers and it now works fine when running in windowed mode (which I do not like). I thought at first it was the game but it works in windowed mode and worked before the drivers. Note: this only happens with SLI turned on. Although I get 20-25 fps without sli. This means I have to turn down the graphics a good amount to make it playable or leave them maxed in windowed mode. (Neither of which i prefer) So I was wondering if I am the only person with this problem and if there was a fix to this. Thanks It seems that I could not get it to show up in a recorded video while the problem was happening which makes even less sense to me. Why does it show up on the screen and not the video.
  5. I have been gaming a lot since it is summer and I noticed that sometimes the framerate would randomly drop while playing. I then ran the game in windowed mode to try and diagnose the problem and I came to the conclusion that it was just getting too hot. I was looking for some type of fan control and I found the dust removal feature in the control panel. I noticed that it made the fans go faster than they ever would while gaming. So I want to know if there is a way to make them go this fast all the time. Thanks Ambient temp 80F or 26.6C (its hot in the summer)
  6. my414

    Y500 VS Y510p

    Hi everybody could you tell me how much of a performance improvement the haswell update of the y500 brings. I have gotten my y500 recently and I was wondering if it is worth it to send it back to lenovo to trade for the new y510p. I was also wondering if I could upgrade the cpu on the y500 because the game I play only uses a single core and it seems to struggle sometimes and I wanted to know if I could get a faster cpu or overclock a little bit. Thanks
  7. So If I have the bios version 2.04 that means I can use the modded bios you supplied on the first page of the thread right? Also what new things other than unlocking the gpu does this mod do. Thanks
  8. That is so amazing how did you get your hand on a Mars 2 especially two of them thats insane. I thought that they only made like 999 of them. What number are yours?
  9. Very nice build here. Its not overkill but it still has tons of power for the upcoming games for years. Thats certainly a balanced build with good potential.
  10. Is it really possible to run two different kind of cpus in the same system I thought that did not work
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