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  1. Yes , I can update bios finish. Thank very much Mr.svl7 and techinfo :'D
  2. Hey :'( Anyone can help me create Video.How to flash Instruction of bios 2.04 from Mr.svl7 because I don't understand and I don't Strong in language. I try to read instruction. Anyone help me please.Thank very much for help.
  3. iARMz

    Resident Evil 6

    I'm a one fan of this series (Resident Evil) the game is a lot of fun and exciting. I play online in stream. It can play with others player around the world. I love it :'D
  4. Thx for reply me. I don't understand because values in circle. How to GT650m core speed run over 790mhz. Thx for helps :'D
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]8382[/ATTACH] Hi, I have Lenovo Y500 GT650m Model. I don't understand my GT650m stock core is 790mhz and boost to 835mhz. ,I never see GT650m core speed run over 790mhz (I see in GPU-Z) , Even when overclocking The Values of core speed is up but speed is not up after Values. // My Bios version is 2.02 and Driver Nvidia Version is 320.49 // Sorry for bad Language I don't strong :'( Thank you.
  6. I purchased Left 4 Dead 2 / Saint Row The third :'D
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