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    Windows 8.1

    Yes I have used the Vbios update from Lenovo to get the SLI working. I have customised it also to run at v1.1 also.
  2. thepharcyde

    Windows 8.1

    Download Intel ProSet Wireless Wifi Connection Utility, resolved all my issues related to the Windows 8.1 managed setup. It's annoying but is a workaround. No issues since installing it and letting this utility manage my Wifi connection.
  3. My 3DMark11 scores Stock:P4172 http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/7715507 Clocked: P5599 (Throttlestop on) http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/7715534
  4. Right ever since Win 8.1 the Vbios voltage rom Jester made has not worked since flashing Lenovo vbios update to get the Sli working for Win 8.1. I have since used the Kepler BIOS Tweaker v1.25 tool and modified the Sli 650M voltage to be 1.1 in P5 state for the new Lenovo vbios. Hope this helps others. Edit: I have now attached the ROM file from my SLI 650M card and the BAT files that I use to over clock both the onboard and SLI card as I have not modified my BIOS in conjunction with Nvidia Inspector. The overclock enables the voltage to be V1.1 on the SLI ultrabay card only, underclock returns to stock. PLEASE USE THE FILES AT YOUR OWN RISK AND WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR SLI CARD. YOU CAN AMEND THE BAT FILES TO LOWER THE CLOCKS ACCORDINGLY PRIOR TO ANY TESTING. new.zip
  5. hi i notice that the vbios no longer works with win 8.1. I've had to scale back my o/c any idea how this can be fixed?
  6. Move to the UK its summer and 17'C here today!!
  7. When I got my replacement Y500 I purchased a Samsung 840 SSD to drop in place of the 1TB 5400 cloning the drive. I would be playing BF3 and the auto save would for a split second freeze the game play prior to having the SSD as my sole drive vs the 1TB. SSD has eradicated this. Boot times are insanely fast in comparison. The 1TB is the Y500 Achilles heel IMO albeit once booted and stable is okay. I have since bought a external caddy and use the 1tb drive for backup over USB.
  8. HD4000 is disabled at a hardware level so GT650m only. Would be interested in the battery drain comparison as I would have thought it would be negligible?
  9. My replacement has arrived, swapped out HD will be sending back broken one. Its already has V2.02 and the mouse pad is 200% better too, no horrible clicking but taught edges unlike my old one that had a build date of Dec2012, this is March2013. Now the $1,000,000 questions, to mod or not to mod. At least the Ultrabay is still volted to 1.1v so clocks to the same as the onboard without crashing
  10. The modded Bios now posted on page 1 is a .exe file. Is the whole process now an executable file from Windows like the stock 2.02 that Lenovo provided? Lenovo_Y500-Y400_-_Mod_[v2.02].zip edit, on a linux PC, this is the modder bit, where I drop my backup into it and it mods it ready to flash?
  11. I am a novice and followed the guide exactly. Unfortunately the OP was outdated that led to this issue that I'm thankful has been updated so others do not make the same mistake. I'm not criticising/blaming the chap, but as you can see I signed up yesterday and had not expected to read 86 pages in case the OP had been updated maybe in multiple locations on the thread. The guide had last modified for a recent date and assumed that if V2.02 Stock included hence thought it was fine. However OP has been updated twice since so anyone else will not have the same issue However if I installed Stock V2.02 over stock V1.05 then V1.05 Mod and everything was fine BIOS had more menu items and booted into Windows no issues. The issued resided with the final stage thread 2 Mod 2.02 for the GPU voltage, I'm unsure what has gone wrong did this also need patching? I'm surprised it will not recover itself? Replacement arrives tomorrow, I may try again, if you are free to assist I would appreciate it
  12. Hi - before you go or keyboard warrior on me let me explain as it was late yesterday and have woke up with a fresh head. This is the process I took 1) I followed the below guide. My BIOS was V1.05. I can see that the attachments are different to that of which I downloaded yesterday as V1.05 modded and V1.03 is now missing from the attachments at the below of the post and now replaced with V2.02 and V2.03?? http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/2874-lenovo-y400-y500-unlocked-bios-wlan-whitelist-mod.html 2) I used the Lenovo genuine Bios 2.02 upgrade via the Windows utility. Preparation to get to BIOS v2.02 (coming from any earlier version): Generally it's a good idea to keep the BIOS up to date. We're luck to have an official BIOS update to v2.02 apparently thanks to a leak on the net. (Lenovo is really bad when it comes to providing firmware updates and fixing issues). The leaked version must be genuine, else it wouldn't flash by using the regular method. If you want to update your system to v2.02 then grab the update here, extract it and flash the bios by executing the included InsydeFlash utility. Once the update is completed you can continue with the instructions below to get a modified version on your system. 3) Followed the above guide to the T and all was working fine. 4) I then continued and flashed with V1.05 modified as per the original attachments (now missing from the guide) 5) Also flashed my Ultrabay GT650M with the modified BIOS to mitigate the +135 limit. However I came across this thread in respect to upping the voltage to 1.1V as my Ultrabay card would not o/c to the same levels as the mainboard card. http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/3593-ideapad-y500-bios-mods-overvolting-overclocked-out-box.html 1) I flashed the Ultrabay no problem. 2) Went to flash Bios (mainboard with the below file). It completed fine. Rebooted and non posting laptop. I then Flashed v202_1100mv to my Main system Bios fpt.exe -f filename.rom -bios I do not believe I have done anything wrong as up until the final stage it was in line with the above. I did think it was strange after flashing with 2.02 stock via Windows I was then Flashing with a modified V1.05 as per the below guide http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/2874-lenovo-y400-y500-unlocked-bios-wlan-whitelist-mod.html So I believe the above thread that incidentally has now been modified has led to my confusion and in hindsight should have questioned prior to execution as I have flashed V2.02 Stock, V1.05 modified (working at this stage) and the V2.02 modified for the voltage mod = non post. Thank your for your replies. However I am getting a replacement tomorrow and will not be messing with this one, however I feel that the questioned thread content that was not up to date and since modified since my posting.
  13. So ive tried BIOS reset.QIWY3.bin the stock V2.02. QIWY3.ROM also. QIWY3 preflashed BIOS I backed up. Tried FN B key etc etc nothing just Fans and Black screen I fear I have bricked Any other solutions?
  14. V1.05 i believe. Reset does not work as per your suggestion
  15. I'm so glad you responded. I did V2.02 and then Flashed as per your guide V1.05 for the extended access in BIOS. I followed guide all was well. It was only when I stupidly got cocky and looked at the other thread re the voltage mod of the GT650m.
  16. Hi, I only subscribed today and was able to Flash my bios all well until..... I tried to flash the below. I flashed my SLI booted into Windows and my SLI GT650M was then showing 1.1V http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/3593-ideapad-y500-bios-mods-overvolting-overclocked-out-box.html I then Flashed v202_1100mv to my Main system Bios fpt.exe -f filename.rom -bios Flash went though rebooted and now black screen fans no boot Please help I think I need to flashmy bios back to stock but cannot as screen is black
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