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  1. you need the Lenovo Energy software for Ideafan
  2. It will be equil to running the dust removal profile.
  3. 2 options. Does pressing F8 post lenovo Bios screen pull up any boot options e.g. Boot Windows in safe mode etc? If you cannot do this the second option as follows: Is your thesis on a another partition excluding C:\ e.g where Windows is installed. If yes then: Chapter 3 http://www.lenovo.com/shop/americas/content/user_guides/yoga2_ug_en.pdf If no then: Get someone to remove the harddrive. Boot on another machine with your h/drive connected so you can ready the h/drive and copy the thesis on to a USB. Then http://www.lenovo.com/shop/americas/content/user_guides/yoga2_ug_en.pdf Hope that helps.
  4. Have you been in BIOS previously. There is an option Secure boot. Not sure what the default is but you have it enabled. Disable and retry.
  5. I've removed the metal mesh from my Y500. This with the combination of IdeaFan that's an awesome piece of software and a cooling pad I see a good reduction on temp for both the CPU and GPU's. Playing games that utilise c.95+% gpu power I was hitting the GPU threshold on the non sli card and was temp downclocked to 790 from 1150mhz automactically. It now never drops from 1150.
  6. Return it and get a Killer Wireless N 1202. Working perfect in my Y500
  7. Unfortunately not chap, credit to the OP for creating this app though. - - - Updated - - - Unfortunately not chap, credit to the OP for creating this app though.
  8. I had this, nothing is I did worked. It was bricked and thankfully had the laptop replaced.
  9. Quick google. http://www.**************/t/877679/cpu-microcode-whats-it
  10. Even with CRU? Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) This is what I have for my 650m SLI Y500
  11. Hi, So I was reading the Embedded Controller for changes when the fan was full speed using your utility. As you can see it full speed the dword = 002F0000 and idle = 00130000 or less.How do you modify the DWORD as I change it but it does not save.
  12. Will heat not be an issued. The OEM heatsink/fan would have been compliant with the OEM processor. It should work however as the heatsink is shared with the GPU you may notice that your GPU is throttled in games etc.
  13. thepharcyde

    decent ssd?

    Samsung 840pro /thread 4 secs boot.
  14. It's a terrible wireless card however not so bad with Windows 8 whereas Windows 8.1 is a no no. In the end I replaced mine with a Killer Wireless chip. Problem solved however remained on Win 8 for the time being.
  15. Why not create a macro on the dust removal tool to loop whilst playing games?
  16. You have to have 5 posts before downloading the files or pay to be a subscriber. However you do not need to modify the BIOS to overclock the GPU(s). This can be achieved with Nvidia Inspector, please see this thread. Y500 GT650M Overclock Hope this helps.
  17. This is not the case, this will be the former 2 cores 4 logical processors see below with Number of processors set to 4. 2 Cores 4 logical processors . You need to unlock the BIOS and disable it that way. As below H/T disabled 4 cores/logical processors
  18. thepharcyde

    the new Y50/40

    Not sure if serious
  19. Synaptics UltraNav driver for Windows 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit), 8 (32-bit, 64-bit), 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit, 64-bit), XP - ThinkPad
  20. No it will not. This will reset, but not correct a borked write.
  21. here you go It will pick up your Win 8 key from BIOS, however I suggest you extract. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0W9PBigPy94aVJWSndyTFNFMzg/edit?pli=1
  22. So you bought something before even knowing if it would work, doubtful or foolish I cannot decide which
  23. why bother?!? Have you evben got a legit copy of osx?
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