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  1. Truely ingenius! I need this to host my big virtual machine files. Thanks.
  2. According to the Y500 Hardware Maintenance Manual http://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles_pub/ideapad_y400y500_hmm_1st_edition_sep_2012_english.pdf 8GB Hynix HMT41GS6MFR8C-PB or 8GB Samsung M471B1G73BH0-CK0 memory modules are blessed by Lenovo.
  3. Code, can we re-install Windows 8 on "legacy mode"?
  4. lalihifi, which brand did you use? 2x8GB Corsair? Model? Timing?
  5. It would be hard to compare battery drain if HD4000 is disabled at hw level. Comparison on different laptops is more apple-to-orange comparison than apple to apple. If there is another ideapad model that would be basically identical to the Y500 without the 650m then testing on such a laptop would give good results. As for negligible drain between on-chip vs. PCI card graphics I think they should differ more than just negligible since there would be more power loss with external wiring. But for practical purposes since I would not use the 650m intensively, i.e., playing games, I would think that battery drain between the two would be negligible. I have read a bit since yesterday and it seems to me that I should unlock BIOS so that I can upgrade and experiment with non-white-listed components--a bigger SSD and more memory to start with. Any problems I should be aware of upgrading these items for the Y500?
  6. Hello Lenovo Community, I just got my Y500 from the recent doorbusters crazy event over at lenovo outlet. I would like your knowledge-riched advices here to configure this Y500 for development purposes. Here are the specs - i7 quad ivy bridge - 8GB - 650M graphics - ok battery life I would like to turn this into a dev box replacing my trusty mac book pro 3,1--old with 6gb mem and ssd--that had the nvidia graphics failed. What I would like to have is as described below. - Running mostly OSX, Linux, and Winslowze virtual machines Primary wishes: - 16GB or 32GB memory (if possible.). More is better since vm's just slurp memory as humans would at sporting events during Summers. What specific memory should I get? - Enable HD4000 and somehow disable or turn off the 650M from draining battery when not needed. Is this possible and how so? Nice to have wishes: - Hackintosh this Y500 with multiboot of course. Possible? How so? - How to go about cleaning the pre-loaded junks on the Y500 by Lenovo? Appreciate the community for sharing your knowledge. Pointers to blogs, FAQs, and forums so that I can get educated would be great. Many thanks.
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