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  1. Late reply but, I'm almost positive the 120hz screen only works with nvidia cards, hence your 7970m got beeps when you installed the 120hz screen
  2. Are you using the stock vbios that was on it? Or did you download one from techpowerup or whatnot. Are you able to install a driver based off modding an INF file?
  3. Hey, I made a post on NBR about this, and there were a few posts in this thread about it, but I didn't find a definitive answer. No matter what I do, I can't get the TDP to unlock. I've tried XTU, bios, and Throttlestop, but everytime I benchmark in XTU, it caps at 55w or so, give or take a few. Highest I've seen was 57w maybe. Am I the only one with this problem? 3940xm CPU
  4. danyune

    Gaming Mouse

    I've had my MX518 for half a decade and I can't use any other mouse. I bought a G500 to replace it but it just didn't feel the same so I gave that to my brother. I had an alienware TactX mouse for a short time (about 2 months) before it randomly died. Just took my MX518 back out and used it again. Pretty sad that the alienware mouse had a 30day warranty while Logitech has a 1-year. I have yet to replace it and it still runs like a champ today
  5. Sadly above poster is right. Even if you upgrade your CPU, it will never see 100% utilization for WoW. In fact, your FPS is heavily impacted by how many addons you run. As you probably know, if you run no extra addons, your performance skyrockets. Once you start adding mods that require communicating via hidden channels or with the server, it starts to slow down quite a bit. Recount etc severely impact FPS, especially in large environments like raids. I have a 2600k @ 4.8, 16gb 2133, and a 5870, and my FPS is great. Upgrading the video card will do nothing to improve upon it. If you already have low mods, then your bottleneck is without a doubt your CPU, even though it is advanced technology compared to when the game was released. The game just doesn't utilize it well as you can see by checking your CPU usage when your FPS drops. You can go down to ~20fps and your CPU will probably be at like 35% usage.
  6. I also have a few keys they keep accumulating in my Steam for some reason, I don't know where they keep coming from. I've given a key to everyone on my friends list who doesn't have it
  7. a lot of the toxic comes from players who never want to admit they are at fault. It happens in normals, ranked, even ARAM nowadays. Always "you guys messed up" despite the person causing the situation.
  8. I recently purchased one of these and there were a few problems that I've been working on. I posted on NBR but I haven't gotten much feedback there about it. 1) None of the USB ports work. They power but the laptop itself cannot recognize them (in bios or in windows). When i plug in a mouse, the light on the mouse stays on but just never functions. I've just bought an expresscard with 2 USB ports and that's what I use at the moment, but it'd be nice to be able to use the real ports on the laptop. I've opened the laptop and looked around and found no burn marks or anything suggesting a short circuit, but it was only a visual diagnosis. 2) The side buttons. The wireless light is always on but when I am in windows, it shows that "Wifi is currently disabled", like a switch was flipped. Pushing the side button does nothing. In fact, none of the buttons aside from power do anything. They are just dormant buttons. I run bios version 10F and EC 1727IMS1.406 Anyone with experience with this particular laptop would be appreciated. I7-740qm 8gb 5870m (MS-1727, not quite a GT740/GX740, but the barebones one)
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