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  1. hi, i play world of warcraft mist of pandaria, but i have bottleneck, my laptop is i7 3630QM (2,4ghz/3,4ghz), 8gb ddr3 1600mhz, gtx680m 4gb (983/1225) SSD Kingston 120gb x2 raid 0, HDD 1TB 2,5", windows 7 enterprise x64. max settings 1920x1080 i have the same framerate with stock clocks. what can i do to get more performance? are there program to transfer cpu render tu gpu render? my gpu load when i game is 50%. thanks and regards.
  2. something to world of warcraft mist of pandaria? i have bottleneck and 50% gpu load
  3. i´ve 1000v clevo vbios, and a cooler master notepal X3 Cooler Master Notepal X3 R9-NBC-NPX3-GP Ventilador Base Porttil when i game, i have 73-79ºC, only in crysis have 80-81ºC.
  4. hello, can I Overclock a i7 3630qm? i need more mhz to play world of warcraft, motherboard is clevo p170em and my graphics clevo gtx680m 4gb, thanks
  5. anyone know, what when i have 60fps in game, with vsync on, i have several stuttering, anyone can help me?
  6. i have Cooler Master Notepal X3 is very good, and the temperature of my gtx680m never up 72ºC with 958/1200.
  7. hi, i´ll change vbios for my clevo gtx680m , i´ve a question, 1025v or 1050v? is 1050v dangerous? what temperature will reach with 1050v? and what is the recommended core clock/memory in 1025v and 1050v? i already have 0,987v with 958/1188 , thanks and Greetings to all
  8. i have gtx680m and i play with ultimate settings with fxaa, i have 50fps, with 983/2400 clocks, tressFX consume quite graphic, but is awesome, don´t donwload the last nvidia beta driver, because the game will crash with a problem with telesation, sorry for my bad english, regards
  9. emm,I try to pay, 5usd with paypal to allow me download de vbios but i can´t my paypal is from spain and the link is from usa, and i cant login, i´m sick, I need performance to play crysis 3, and even try to pay, i can´t, i don´t understand.
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