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  1. @Solo wing thank you again ^^, Can you please explain to me why the 3d feature is not available when we upgrade the gpu, knowing that when I searched on the nvidia website the gtx 970m & 980m support 3d?
  2. Thank you for all the informations ^^, So to sum up all the steps I have to do when I get my GPU: 1) Since I will already be running on win10 with my current GPU (AMD7970m) I will start by uninstalling the AMD GPU driver and Intel integrated driver + reboot 2) Disable Driver Signature Enforcement on win 10 + shutdown 3) Unplug power cord 4) Remove battery 5) Hold power button for 30 seconds 6) Remove CMOS coin battery 7) Unplug the old gpu and plug the new one (GTX 980M) + unplug the old screen (60hz) and plug the 3D in the EDP port ( I will skip meeting some minor details like putting thermal past and heat sink on the gpu...etc.) 8) Reinsert CMOS battery + Plug power cord Did I skip the part when i should put boot list option to UEFI in the boot menu?? 10) Install the new gpu with moded inf files 11) reboot and everything should work?? Please correct me if I forgot any important step, I am sure I made a lot of mistakes:/ Thank you guys again for all the informations
  3. Well I was thinking I need to Set Display to PEG mode in advanced Menu (only available in unlocked BIOS) in order to get the 120hz screen working with the Nvidia gpu .
  4. Thank you for all the informations, I will save some more money in order to get a 980m, For now I will start by upgrading from win7 to win 10 and unlocking my bios. About the bios my actual version is A05 (locked) is it enough just to unlock it or do I really need to upgrade to A12(unlocked)?
  5. Thanks for your reply, the main raison i wanted to stay with win 7 is because of this https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/862417/geforce-drivers/windows-10-geforce-drivers-are-killing-samsung-and-lg-notebook-lcd-display-panels/1/ (thank you @Mr. Fox) since nobody reported the problem with alienware m17x R4 120hz screen I guess I will upgrade to the gtx 970m (not enough money for the 980m) I already bought the 3d screen all that's left to buy is the gpu, If i may ask which version of the gpu driver you're using ??
  6. Thanks for your reply, It's too bad that the 3D feature does not work with 880M GTX or newer gtx cards, do you know if 120Hz screen can be used with 880M on Windows 7 without having to upgrade to Windows 8 or 10?
  7. Hello, I am starting this topic, because I am willing to upgrade the GPU of my Alienware m17x r4 : - Win7 64x - BIOS A05 (normal not unlocked) -16go RAM -AMD 7970m -FHD 60hz screen (I bought a couple of weeks ago a new alienware m17x R4 3D 120hz screen with nvidia 3d vision 2 glasses, for those who might ask I tried to use it, but i got 8 beep the screen won't work). I really need your help in order to buy the GPU depending on your answers. I've been saving money for quite some time, I got enough to buy the GTX 970m or 980m I can also consider the GTX 880M depending on the 3D feature: 1) if I upgrade to a 970m or 980m, GTX 880m I lose the 3D feature knowing that the 120hz screen will work (I searched in a lot of forms I couldn't find a precise answer)?? 2) Do I need to upgrade my bios(A05) to an Unlocked bios, if so to which version? 4) Is my AMD 7970m heat sink (see enclosed picture ) Compatible with the gtx 970m or 980m, 880m? 5) Correct me if I am wrong, I only need a modified .inf Nvidia software to install the card if so which version is the best for a 970 or 980, 880m? I really appreciate your help guys, thanks Ps: please excuse my english, I am french ^^
  8. Hello , I'm from France. I am studying IT engineering, I have a M17xR4 that I want to upgrade, so I came looking for help, I am really thankful for all the hard work that you people do in order to help the others . I hope i can return the favor and be useful to the community ^^.
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