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  1. Not a huge fan of unboxing reviews so I did take a few photos to show off, but nothing major. The thing to note was the inclusion of a driver DVD that made me very happy. It includes just the basics, chip set and wifi and nic. This notebook right out of the box looks bad ass, it has a led light no the top of the lid that just says look at me, it is the MSI dragon shield logo. Multi color backlit keyboard is just freaking great. The notebook is well built and very heavy all the power, and outputs HDMI, displayport and nic are in the back. I have mixed feelings about placing them there, I think they could be easily forgotten, but it does keep them out of the way. The exception to this is the power cable which has a huge core filter on it and it tends to get in the way of setting the notebook down. The keyboard is very nice, it is quiet and works well it is made by steel series and is a tough construction. the backplate of the keyboard is all metal, instead of plastic. The touchpad has a physical on/off switch which is much better than a FN key combo. The top of the chassis overhangs a little and protects usb devices plugged into it, a nice touch. The bottom of the notebook is nice it has lots of little legs to keep it level but from sitting on a surface either to help it be drink spill resistant or to give it better air flow. It is one important note, to upgrade hard drives, ram, anything like that you must VOID your Warranty. If you can get this customized with the features you like do it or be prepared to void that guy out. Hardware. The G70-3cc came with a m290x it says, but it is reported to me as being a Radeon 8970M, which as far as I am concerned is great because it is faster. It supports hybrid cross fire, if I read hardware section of the CCC, it say it is linked to the APU. The integrated 8650G is fully and stably overclockable to 1300 mhz, but that isn't too important to me. In benchmarks I see maybe a 50 to 150 mark increase (3dm11). I really like the APU format, but the A10-5750 is definitely the set back on this computer, a core I5 would have made a better choice, but its what we have to work with. We can lock this guy into 3.1ghz turbo mode which I will cover later. Normally I don't believe the cpu performance hype, but there are games that Need that high performance Cpu, games like Skyrim, and the likes. Theoretically If you do want to use the physx mod then you have to run in on the CPU which should be hard on the slower CPU. The sound quality of this laptop by far was some of the best sound I have heard. It’s speakers are nice and robust and can get annoying loud in a busy room. this computer doesn't have the tinnie sound problem as it comes with a “subwoofer” or a speaker dedicated to lower frequencies. The creative sound app is nice it comes with some preset eq some digial surround sound for your headphones. Another feature I like about the sound card was that it had 2 inputs (mic and line in) and two outputs, so in theory you could run 4 speaker surround system. The sound card is made by realtek and not creative btw. Now lets talk about the 8970M this card is freaking awesome, it beats my old OC’d 650 GT sli set up. As the only real games my 650s could not handle was on full settings were Metro 2033 last light, and maybe Xplane. Now lets void the warranty! So I wanted to add my two 480GB solid states (in raid which is awesome), there is a real lack of info here so lets get some facts out. NO there is no free Msata port (full size minipcie) there is an empty 2.5 slot with the necessary hook up, you are how ever missing the kit that holds the drive down. I'm using an msata in a 2.5 in adapter so its light enough. The other thing I thought was odd was 12GB of ram, in 8gb and 4gb. The GPU on the APU best works when you dual channel, so why aren't we here in such an high end notebook even worse you void your warranty to fix it. SCORES (out of) Looks XXXXX Gaming XXXXX Performance XXX Upgradability XX Over all XXXXX My thoughts, At $1100 this is one hell of a gaming laptop, it will beat hands down anything that nvidia can put out for the price, I am more of a GPU guy so I am inherently biased, someone who is more CPU driven will tell you to look for an intel cpu, but if this is in your budget then you will love this guy. Recommend? Hell Yea My tweaks use at own risk voids your warranty (if you haven't already) FIrst of all I installed MSI Afterburner and got the core clock up to about 1000 Mhz , and ram up to about 1175 MHZ . Next and to my surprise I Oc’d the APU to 1300Mhz and saw a cpu score boost in 3dm11. I then took a copy of the bios, and increased the voltage to 1.225 V for the top two Pstates from there I could get the core up to 1175 mhz and mem up to 1300 (ATM). And saw good increase in performances. I have Bios for both increased voltages at stock clocks and at 1175 core and 1300 mem if anyone wants them ask me if a get a few requests Ill post them. 0 I mentioned earlier that you can modify your computer to so that it always stays in the 3.1 Ghz power state. Here is how, and be warned it’s tricky but nothing you're going to do here is permanent it will reset on next boot! 1)Google and download an app called Bar-edit, install restart computer blah blah blah. open bar-edit go to Bus 0 Device 24 function 3 3 up from the bottom right hand corner corner find bits 31 and 30 both should be 1 and the very first numbers change to 0. Not that below the box you are editing there is something that tells you what Bit location you are editing. on the row next to it (left) you wanna go 6 up from the bottom and change bits 9 and 10 to 0, they both should be 1’s if not something isnt right enjoy 3.1 ghz while gaming… This still doesn't make up for the choice of cpu but you could see performance increases of 10 to 15% I have seen reports of 20% but I don't believe I saw those in benchmarks. Credit goes to someone else for cpu Tweak I just watched a video that explained it who learned it from someone else. So thank you nameless pc tweaker 3dmark scores Stock http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/8721256 [h=1]P4921 ouch [/h] Fully Moded. Custom Bios (xmp 16gb at 1867), Custom Video Bios, 3.1GHZ lock 1150mhz core 1300mhz mem http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/8732247 [h=1]P5570 EHH[/h]650m sli with intel core i7 http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/7875095 [h=1]P5752 [/h]the power of a better cpi
  2. Yes, this would work with out SLI, as stated early on the 2nd video card has it's own Vbios so you have to flash that on it's own.... As for the Overclocking IDK I have heard some yes, there is an option for it but it is a greyed out... You can set the ram freq but for me it just stays at stock 800Mhz range. If you flash and can OC let me know would you please.
  3. Hey, Sorry if this has gotten asked already can you overclock the CPU at all, there are alot of options that I don't know, and when I force my ram up to a higher setting wich It can run It stay at the 1600 setting according to CPU-z I also upgraded to a core I7-3610qm. I get good temps, about 86C while intelburn test and Komobuster. If any one has had any luck with this I would like to know what you did and where you found it? I modifed my cooler by artic silvering (artic silver thermal adhesive ) the GPU heat pipe to the CPU block and two copper shims to both heat pipes.
  4. IDK it has some annyoing default features, but I really like the fact that I can click any on the track pad to click. not necessary, but it is a nice feature (read apple puts it in). Turn the sensitivity up, and disable some features I Forget wich and it works alot better,
  5. The Ultra bay has both Sata and a proprietary bay that the sli cards go in. the fan might pull power off of a mini sata power port, that would make sense to me I hope this helped
  6. So, I upgraded to 2.04 and saw that I could change my Voltage clock but the voltages would not change via GPU-Z however this thread by jester_socom did what I wanted http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/3593-ideapad-y500-bios-mods-overvolting-overclocked-out-box.html
  7. All Wifi Cards should work, as long as its mini PCIE and psychically fits in your computer, I do not see why it would not. - - - Updated - - - Hey vito357si I am also Having this problem If you came up with a solution that I missed please let me know
  8. FYI I have a Centrio N 2230. Most of these tests are going to be based more on your internet connection your best bet is to run a ping (open a command promt and run ping <IP> -n 100) on your router to see the pings from your router to test your wifi. I ran on average 3 ms to get to my router, and back. You could run a NAS like he did in his benchmarks. Intel's drivers by default are not really N Freindly. I have had to customize my Wifi Card settings to run N speeds. I bet that with some tweaking of settings you could get similar performance out of the 2230 minus the dual band of course. But unless they patch the Firmware the Killer is a $60 N card that is super low latency, but a $30 AC card has 5 Times the bandwidth, which is what more people want, hence more requests for speed tests than ping tests. Besides this is all router dependent, a cheap router will make or break any WIFI test. Speed test Speedtest.net - My Results Ping test http://www.pingtest.net/result/83384911.png
  9. /sigh unless your internet speed is faster than your routers speed a speedtest.net will not prove anything. why buy the N? I Dont see the advantage, Right now if your going to upgrade Any Wifi Adapter wait until 802.11 AC standard gets finalized (or buy a draft). It will raise your wifi through to 1.69 Gb/s wich is by far the biggest and most beneficial upgrade to your wifi network. All wifi devices share your routers maximum speed, so if you have one device connected to a Full N router, then your one device gets 300 Mb/s if you have 10 devices ( think about how many phones, tablets, notebooks, and desktops might be connected) each device only gets 30 Mb/s... you will have to upgrade your router and your wifi adapter. Alot of dual band Wifi Cards seem to be able to have there firmware upgraded and work with a 802.11ac router. http://wikidevi.com/wiki/Intel_Dual_Band_Wireless-AC_7260_(7260HMW) IEEE 802.11ac - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. Hey I was looking into it. There might be a non oem battery that Might be a little more powerful. But Try to take your battery out while laptop is opened the bottom of the screen keeps the battery from coming out, so a battery that stick out the back like lenovo is known for would not fit in this instance so probably not lenovo's web site is being dumb so I cant pull an offical answer off of their website. But I checked once and if I remember it they don't make one. Amazon my go to for this stuff yielded A lot of batteries but all of them stuck out the back so I would say they are a no go none of them listed the Y500 but listed l500 ect. Ebay, only had 72 w/hr batteries which came in my laptop. So if you have a 6 cell battery then you can get a 9 cell 72 w/hr battery but I have only seen those in OEM.
  11. So I use the custom bios for 650M (Y500) Great Work. I was reading the thread for the Y580 with a custom Voltage for 650M. in my Y500. I suspect that it might work, but before I Brick my laptop I wanted to get a confirmation. I Know that different cards even though they are the same model, could be different especially in laptops (less standardization). Thanks Chad
  12. Hey, Come in the way back machine with me for a second, I had a 6800 ( I know we're going way back) It had some of its Pipe lines disable because not all of them could perform like they should. But you could enable them to get more performance out of the card for no more money. So I was thinking I can really push the 650M super far, on stock voltages like 250+ mhz on core and 500+ mhz on the memory end. So I was thinking given this performance that it was possible (as it happens all the time in the computer world) that this was a much powerful card running on much lower settings explaining the price difference between the 650m and 660M's and their bigger brothers 670 and 680. Is there away to unlock some of these hidden features? If so how? I suspect that it is hidden somewhere in the V-bios. Comments toughts? Chad
  13. I would apperciate that too! Thanks for the custom bios. What software do you use?
  14. I think that all lion batteries have a life of 500 cycles so 500 drains and charges on average. These are all statistically driven using Mean Time between failures (MTBF), some battires last longer some shorter. If you can't get anything else to work it might be just a dead battery
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