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  1. Maybe I can help, how did you apply the thermal paste on your CPU and GPU ? Dot method ? I recently applied thermal paste on my Clevo CPU with dot method, but instead of just leave the dot i used a card to spread the paste over the chip and for me the results were better. Before i did this i was getting a big jump from 45ºc to 90ºc on Prime95 ( without full fans hotkey ) and now with that "new" method i just got from 45ºc to 70ºc on Prime95 ( without full fans hotkey ) all this in 5 minutes test ! I own a clevo P150EM, I used the arctic cooler mx-4 and my clevo only have 2 mods, the foil mod for GPU and CPU and this ( to give my Clevo height to help the entry of more air for cooling ) its like cooling pad but without fans. Sorry about my English..
  2. Wait Prema are you tell me that if i buy the nvidia gtx 980m card i can put on my clevo P150EM and with that vbios and use the card with full power on my laptop ?
  3. Its possible to fix Bluetooth led being always on ? I have clevo p150em Windows 8.1 intel 7260 ac with prema bios v2.
  4. Sorry to say but enduro on clevos P1xxEM/P1xxSM its impossible to turn off, only clevos P1xxHM and P3xxEM/SM can disable enduro !
  5. Yoshigure

    8970M in P150EM

    I would like to know if it's possible to do that because i want to upgrade from 7970m to 8970m, only because vram 2gb vs 4gb ! So if this works I win in 2 ways first the more vram for games like bf4 (using 1.8gb for now) and second, not too important, an updated card ! My question is did I need some especial vbios or a modify bios to make amd 8970m compatible and work well on my clevo P150EM ?
  6. Hey mate try to watch this thread may help you somehow (I know its old model of sager but could be the same way) Keyboard Spacebar Problem (He made 3 videos 1 open, 2 important part and last close) you can see what you're doing wrong ! Good luck !
  7. Yoshigure

    Clevo P150EM + w8.1

    Hello I have Clevo P150EM with 8.1 and i use this amd driver also Intel driver Leshcat try that drivers for me fix my problem with windows 8.1 ! Somehow I find problems with AMD drivers too but with that driver problem solved for me !
  8. Good to know to get the advantage of AC card I need first to update my router N to ac right ? I need to wait a little bit for that.. to get a little more of my 100mb internet.. How powerful is the AC wireless cards for now ?
  9. Thanks for the fast reply i search more and I see i can plug and install an ac card in my clevo P150EM without "modifications" !
  10. Hi Prema Thanks for all your hard work, I have a question.. I don't know how possible is but is possible to make clevo P150EM board compatible with wireless card with IEEE 802.11ac ?
  11. Yoshigure

    Borderlands 2

    You guys can have borderlands 2 key for better price check this out, sorry "advertising" i only want to help to buy cheaper games Borderlands 2 Steam Key
  12. Hey prema Nice work with v2 I just update over the last bios mod 1.4 and everything works perfect, now i can overclock my 3720qm , one question it is important to update ME FIRMWARE ? I didn't update yet can i do it after update bios to v2 ? I see that you separated efi mode from OS option in bios, so now can i have efi + windows 7 for more fast boot ? How is going the gtx 780m so far ? Thanks for all, you have done so much for us
  13. Can you provide one for me =) ?
  14. Hello again Prema I final understand that your bios mod have ec + bios include. Nice job the update run very well I just have to re-install AMD driver (13.2 beta7) and hotkeys(8.0101) again in my P150EM and is everything working very well with better temperatures. I am happy with this update v1.0.4 and all I need for the future is the CPU & iGPU Overclocking (XTU EDITION) I have 3720QM btw Nice image for boot works well ! Thank you so much !
  15. Thank you so much, just one more question Prema Mod have only bios update and to update I need to update me 1 right ? The new profile fans are in EC update or in bios update ? I'm asking because I don't know if update with stock bios (ec+bios) or Prema Mod (bios only i think) .
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