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  1. ??Clevo Isn´t that the gtx980 180W version?... ( P775dm1-G instead of P775dm ) PS: here is the 4k Auo panel version of the laptop: Eurocom Configure Model
  2. How do i check the chip is Micron D9? . I thought the ram were the same as yours, and because that, they would have it haha
  3. Ohh, thanks so much pal Astelith, for answering me so quick. I already have them installed and ready for fight hehe. But they ar at cl8/133mhz for now, because i am a neophyte in Thaiphoon Burner i fear... When i get to flash them to cl7 , i hope to achieve your excellent 3dmark11 score.... hahah ( i am at 75xx right now with the 680m and 920xm. I suppose the 780m is a holy cucumber XD)
  4. Hi Astelith. So, did you flash that ram to Cl7 succesfully?? Did you notice a boost on 920xm? I have found a cheap 8gb kit, and i'm going to get it, but i thought it reachs only cl8 1333 mhz. This could be my very last upgrade for my dear grandpa ^^ ( well, until maxwell 20nn appears xd)
  5. Hello everbody I have a question here: I don´t know why, but, my 680m´s core clock is always at max (758Mhz) since yesterday. Only when all its closed, decrease at 575mhz. About temps: 55ºc at "idle" and 75-80º under heavy load ( i.e: .two hours playing games ), so, i think it would be some software issue?, or maybe its something usual with the OC vbios? I would swear yesterday reached the 3xx mhz or even 1xx mhz at idle and 35-40º :/? . I installed the card 3 days ago, and saving that, all runs flawless PS: Almost forgot something... i have a M15x Thanks in advance mates
  6. So you are saying that if we install the gtx 680m just plug & play, mod the inf. file and install the nvidia drivers, we get the card runs, but under the stock clocks, right?. So we need the modded vbios too, at least for reaching the stock power of the card. But which one? I mean if i have the 2gb dell and the M15x ( because there is not a specific 680m vbios designed for this laptop, isn't there?) Thanks mates
  7. My apologies for reviving this "old" thread, but i supposed this place was the indicated one, to announce, i finally found a cheap 680m and i've just get it ( isn't there any "M15x+680 thread" right?. So few people have both? :/) It has the P/N: 020HTK. So i think it is a SLI 680 Hasn't arrived yet, but i really want upload benchs once i have installed in the system I think will be interesting a look at what can show my crappy 720qm with the beast 680m to us lol Haha. (i need to upgrade the cpu, i know...) Cheers, mates!
  8. Don´t forget thinking on the second hand offers scene. If you look well, you could find on ebay and other sites, bargains with almost no use from the vendor or spare parts on different shops etc... Most of the time, people who want the last in tech, use to sell theirs vga´s or whatever, when only have past months since they upgraded the last time
  9. By the way, and going back to the topic, (just out of curiosity): Which version (dell & clevo) of 680m has given the best results on m15x?. I know the clevo one has 4 gb ram and i suppose the reason that ram is useful (textures & res), rather i'm referring about pure performance in games ( oc limits, heat, benchmarks ...) always speaking of our dear m15x I seem to remember that Dell's 680 reachs higher benchs in some alienwares, but i probably may be wrong PS: (Very happy to know Artic silver 5 is a good thermal paste. I have just bought one last week thinking in my future gpu upgrade lol)
  10. [Qsvl7;55562]675mx is GK104, 770m is GK106. Won't work. Besi'm ns why would you even want to do this? The 675mx is the better performer.
  11. First of all i introduce myself: my name is Morejasparda (well, this is pointless, because it shown on my profile Xd) and i would like to say you, that you are an awesome comunity and very helpfull for amateur people like me. After a long time i decide to be here too (maybe what was stopping to me was the "language barrier" . I must take this opportunity to say that all of you try to forgive my grammatical failures. I promise to improve ). This said, the main purpose why i´m here now is because i´m about to order a gtx 670mx for my m15x (!!!) (although i have to sell my actual 660m first and even the oldest 260m lol). Upgrade monkey (where i think to buy it), effectively told me that no problems with the deal, apart perhaps i would have to mod the .inf file adding my gpu ID, is that true? (with the 660 card i just downloaded the driver as well as his own .inf file from laptopvideo2go, and everything ran well) The other topic i would like to ask is about the loved oced kepler drivers around here (hehe), thanks to Svl7 & company we have:D, because the card i will buy it´s the Clevo 3 gb one, and i´m not sure if the 670mx 1.5gb driver that is here, will run. I remember reading the Newsty´s experience with that driver and the same card model, and the question´s solution hung in the air. Hope I have not blethered on too long (XD) in my first post. I also hope write so much more Regards
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