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  1. Thats not really a big deal as long as the video via DP/HDMI will work with the Clevo cards thats fine for me.
  2. Thanks for your advice svl7, then I try to find a (cheap) 680m
  3. Hello, I plan to upgrade the GPU in my M15X in the next weeks. Actually I try to find out what is the best Option and what card performs best in the M15X. I know there is a power Limit on the GPU if both GPU and CPU are overclocked. What I would like to know is what Card has less power consumption, 680m (I know its more expensive) or 7970m and therefore works better in M15X. Or is there no difference at all?
  4. I would prefer matte screen. My notebook screen is glossy and external display is matte. There is much less reflection on the external and I wish it would be the Internal one.
  5. Using 310.90 with GTX460m with no issues. Dimming Works fine for me.
  6. Here you get a rough overview what GPU can handle skyrim with good framerate: Computer Games on Laptop Graphic Cards - NotebookCheck.net Tech
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