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  1. Can someone please help me modify my vBios for my ASUS GTX 880M? It will not work with the other Dell/MSI/Clevo vBios ROM's since they are all 8GB, where as my card is 4GB. I'm looking for the same features, but for whatever reason Kepler Bios Editor will not do anything that can actually change the voltage or TDP at all. I'm able to do +300 on the memory out of the box and sadly, only +80 on the core. Nvidia Inspector cannot change the Vcore offset for whatever reason but it claims I have 250mV +/- to choose from. I'm using the v7 vBios from ASUS, here is the same one I have installed currently. https://mega.nz/#!SocxFZrJ!t8emFpv1MEc7GaXlMvN5hU5dInYgdbFXm0xjBvIRtgI Thank you.
  2. That means it's throttling in the game if it just sits at 92c, the GPU will throttle the core by 50% for a second or so until it drops back under 92c. Running Kombuster i hit 92c on the Extreme setting, i'm not sure if it's that the cooler cant handle it, or if it needs a repaste, i could have sworn i did it well.
  3. Installed slv7's bios. Worked fine, but for some reason I'm still getting pretty awful p scores in 3dmark 11.. I mean the best I've got so far with +120 core and +100 mem is still like 5900~ i know I have only scratched the surface of overclocking but still... it appears my physics score is lacking, the higher I overclock my 920xm past 23x or so I usually don't get any better performance, if not worse... im so confused right now...
  4. So SLV7's bios will work with my dell card? I thought Clevo/kapok vbios didn't work with the dell ones?
  5. I appreciate the response, i completely agree to not using Kombuster since it stresses VRM's, but it was doing it in 3DMARK11, and other benches, so i thought it would be a better visual representation for you guys..
  6. Hey peoples, So i got this beast installed in my m15x, but it appears the bios is undervolted by like half? I'm not sure what the stock 780m voltage is, but i almost guarantee it's around the 1.xxv mark.. I have no problem making my own custom bios, as i've done it 1000x times on desktop GPU's, but i just want to know, do you guys agree with me it's the voltage that's causing the throttle? I mean, i've never seen this GPU over 72c, and i have a 240w Power brick. Thanks. Heres a copy of my Vbios for my card if your interested in checking the details: http://www.mediafire.com/?f9xan9z0xbp6b26
  7. And the moment you have all been waiting for; SUCCESS!!!!! MORE TESTS AND BENCHMARKS TO COME SOON!!!
  8. Got it today, installed fine, but i now have a white screen after about 20 seconds of being turned on, i have more details in the M15x section i posted another thread.
  9. Just installed my new 780m today in my M15x, it goes white as soon as i turn on the machine, but it still makes it past the post. As soon as the windows logo pops up its about 10 seconds in then WHAM White screen. I do believe the things are still working while the white screen is on, becasue the alien head still shows the loading flashing going on. I'll be checking the LCD cables as thats what i read on another forum, but anyone else that could help would be much appreciated. BTW, this is a fresh install of windows 7, i have not even loaded the drivers, nor gotten to the desktop yet. Thanks, Sam.
  10. Just bought the GTX 780m, new keyboard and a new 240w power brick. It should all be here around tues, so I will either make a new thread or update this one. i appreciate all your help guys, hopefully other m1xx owners will benefit from my personal experiences!!! also, just got a 920xm I plan to overclock, ready for the school year baby!! Come at me silverlight lol...
  11. Thank you for that, it was exactly what I was looking for!! so we boiled it down to the motherboards voltage modules that dictate what I can put in it!! i guess that means I would need to figure out how much power draw a over locked 920xm (3.2ish ghz). so If I go with the 680m would overclocking be possible at the slightest?
  12. I had no intention of discrediting or ignoring your response, I apologize for giving that impression. rather I'm just confused because I've gotten so many different answers from so many people. i'm aware that it will indeed work if I was to install it, but where I'm still unsure about is why some people say that the 780m have too high of a thermal requisite, while others say the electrical wattage is too much. can someone give me a detailed explanation? The 780m is only about ~80$ more than a 680. So why exactly is the purpose it is not recommended? I have a 240w PSU, so the physical power draw is clearly not any sort of issue. Then we come too thermal properties, which if a 3.4-3.6ghz overvolted 920xm can run fine I have no doubt that a 780 should run fine at at least stock speeds at least. last thing, is that their seems to be some sort of a general misunderstanding about the Vbios. So either of the cards should work as soon as I install them, but they most likely throttle with the stock Vbios without the TDP throttle at such a low number? Is that not correct? Both of the cards should work at stock speeds at least, it seems some people are saying that you HAVE to have it under clock it to work. (Stock bios TDP is too low so you need to raise it to make it not throttle). if someone could clear up those above I would appreciate it very much. thank you all for your contributions.
  13. Alright, I'll be buying either I can get a better deal on, I don't think the xbracket from the existing 5850m will fit on nvidia card if I remember so I'll have to get e more expensive upgrade kit. I'll also buy some of those slim profile VRAM/MOSFET heatsinks to solder onto the heatsink for better thermal dissipation. I just contacted Upgrade your laptop on ebay, they told me the 780m should work no problem. So far I've gained no clear answer lol.
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