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  1. Tech Inferno Fan>> This highly accessible solution was posted on 05-15-2015 but promoted above my post, backdating it.INFO: w4vz' Dell DA-2 PCIe splitter modSo here is my take on the DA-2. All parts from Ebay (2x PCIe splitters). Only mod I did is the custom 4pin Molex to replace one of the 6pin end.I put the 4 pin where it is to spread the current more over the cables. Comments welcome, please let me know what you think.FAQ No, it fits perfectlyActually, I could not wait and plugged my akitio (no graphic card yet).Seems fine but the DA2 is lighting up orange so it is not starting. I had to short the remote with the ground with a pin. Akitio up and running with green LED. I'll try the Graphic card this weekend I hope. I had no issue whatsoever to plug it. Just forced it a little bit. What i used is two 6 pin pcie splits. One is modified with a 4pin molex. The sense and remote are still perfectly accessible and i did not cut anything. Not sure what you mean. You see the pin going into the da2 remote to the 6pin ground. I think your idea with 8 pin is good too because making custom pins is actually really easy i found but my solution is even easier i think. I have not tried but I reckon an 8 pin should fit just fine too. Thanks but Im no expert. I learnt by reading the forum posts a lot This is my third try on EGPU try and the most stable so far. Yes, I suspect OS X being glitchy (have a few little annoying bugs here and there so it is not perfect) Can't use silverlight stuff anymore right now for example; my screens go black and if I quit the browser they come back; never seen that before lol. Windows, from what I see in the forums seem more stable. @goalque: A user made it stable DA-2 with GTX 970 by lowering the power and clock speed: http://forum.techinferno.com/diy-e-gpu-projects/8304-gtx970-dell-da-2-test-results.htmlHere is a german website, modding a GTX 970 to use less than 130W with just 9% performance drop and much better cooling. Also the load on the PCIe slot is reduced be lower than 75W (eliminating the spikes):(To make it work in OSX we should think about modding the GPUs BIOS)https://translate.google.de/translate?sl=de&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=de&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tomshardware.de%2Fhtpc-gtx970-modding-cool-quiet%2Ctestberichte-241708.html&edit-text= Exactly, you can bring the card to Nvidia original power consumption values of the stock GTX 970. But there is no need to do that, if you are concerned about the DA-2. Might help for cooling/noise/power consumption. Original background research prior to my implementation above . . . Please forgive my electrical ignorance. I read the guide here but still can't figure it out :/ The idea is to make 2 x 12v 6pin molex adaptors and one 12v molex to barrel from the 3 12v pairs pairs coming out of the DA2 ?each 6pins molex takes 6 connectors (3+ and 3-) so I could in theory connect everything like my (bad) diagram below ?
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  2. I thought Nando4 linked to someone with that machine who had partial success. If you haven't bought the pieces yet maybe wait and see what comes up here. One of my worries is that results from others can really only be trusted in the "positive" cases. Ideally we would have a trusted source of the modded files (or be certain the script works) then at least we could rule out operator error on the software mods. Between the kexts, running in dev mode, the risers, the powering of cards and akitio, and even the timing of WHEN to plug in TB cable there are so many places to screw up. So when someone says a specific machine doesn't work, take it with a grain of salt until a few others have verified.On the other hand, if someone says "it works" I think you can usually trust them not to be hallucinating.
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  3. I've already got a molex to barrel plug in use for 2-3 months. I had taped the riser power "pins" like it was mentioned by Tech Inferno Fan, so the slot was only powered by the barrel plug. I wanted to avoid stability problems beforehand. But at this time I was checking several times at several places that the cables were at the right place, although there are only 2 possibilities. I just didn't want to blow up my precious stuff I'll post pictures later on. It's a bit messy right now and I haven't got time. I'll also upgrade to a GTX 970 as my Gigabyte GTX 960 doesn't fit the outer shell of the Akitio case and I miss a bit of power so I won't buy another GTX 960. 2 free games, which I wanted buy anyway, are also nice.
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  4. @J95 Here are the results! Thank you so much! Throttling is gone for now. I really don't understand this stuff. When I started out a couple of days ago. I didn't have these issues. The more I played with it the worst it got. I don't mind playing around with setting and trying things but it really is weird when you can't get back to a good baseline. I'll be donating you some cash today or tomorrow! Big thanks! Do you have any tips for pushing it more? Or should I be happy with that? Plus I'm still waiting on my second heatsink for the other beast and I hope I don't mess anything up on that one hahaha Things of note running it without the OC still had throttling. First pass was good at 7420. Second pass 1290. OC first pass was 8504 second was 8550 so I am hopeful things are good to go. I'll be calling it a day in a few so I'll update if I get any major issues. Also before I noticed that when I had my ext monitor pluged in I got a much worse throttling issue. Thanks Again
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