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  1. Hey, despite claims to the contrary by the self proclaimed "experts", High Sierra can work with eGPU and Nvidia cards. Details coming
  2. Pay attention to what you are doing. Biggest issue people have is not triggering external PSU to fire. Keep in mind no OS X drivers for 1070
  3. Non Touchbar with Windows is easy. Go to device manager switch to "view by connection" disable the PCIE bridge above the FaceTime camera then disable and re-enable the bridge above the 1060 it may crash and reboot but the 1060 should work
  4. You need to describe what you did for us to know what you didn't do.
  5. What does Device Manager say about the 1060? Which 13" is it? Emoji bar or escape key? Have you done any turning off of devices?
  6. So 4K video that you are playing on the internal screen or the external? And how do you turn off the internal GPU? I ask because I've noticed that my nMP 6,1 now lists "Automatic Graphics Switching" as "enabled"
  7. There is a script to enable TB3 on the MBP 2016 What are you hoping to do and with what pieces? I got the Akitio 3 and found it quite limited compared to Razer Core
  8. Hi, Could you clarify? I don:t understand what you:re saying about 4K video. Also * Turn off Automatic Graphics Switching (use the Radeon Pro GPU) to fix this.* How do you do that?
  9. You're overthinking. Either run the clown's script or mod the files yourself. Each OS build has a driver. macvidcards.com has a drivers page with each build listed and a link to download the driver
  10. 16B2657 was 10.12.1 Issue is with 10.12.2, and here they are: https://images.nvidia.com/mac/pkg/367/WebDriver-367.15.10.25f01.pkg Turn off the tar heater and put away the feathers.
  11. Before getting out the tar and feathers, maybe give Nvidia 24-48 hours to release the new driver?
  12. OK, I'll go out on a limb and say you'll have to fiddle around a bit. I think there are very few folks who have stated "Yep, just plugged stuff in and it all worked perfect from get go" Razer has a business model where eGPU working is important. Apple, not so much. They could make their machines work perfectly with =eGPU but they have no reason to. Instead, what has been found is that each and every model and version requires some fiddling or faddling. At the very least for Windows you will probably have to play with timing of when you plug TB cable in. For the new MBP 2016 for instance, the method to get Windows working with eGPU is different for each of the 3 types. I have Non-Touchbar version and I found a super easy way with no DSDT fix required. But most with Touch Bar have found that a DSDT hack is needed. This means running in Test Mode which disables some things and slows the boot down. And it is likely that running a Nvidia Kepler card is easier than a Maxwell card and the means to run those will likely be different than if you have an AMD card. And all of that is why there isn't going to be a simple helpful SINGLE YES OR NO answer from someone saying "Go for it, all will be fine". Here are 4 possible outcomes: 1. You find someone with same gear who got it working, read their experiences, and do the same thing and get same results. 2. Someone with same exact setup will be bored, reading through random posts and find this thread, type up what worked/didn't work for them. 3. You will buy the gear and find the answer, hopefully sharing your results here. 4. You'll give up and not bother. Consider doing #3 if 1 and 2 don't happen. We need more people doing the leg work. I have 4 or 5 MacBooks here, not one like yours. I can answer for the ones I have, but anything about a different model would be a wild guess AT BEST. Nobody can just look at specs and say "It Shall Work". With eGPU only way to know for sure is someone to try it and report.
  13. You need to read the steps very carefully. Also, I think in Win 10 you have to be in test mode to run modded DSDT There might be a way to avoid DSDT, I have seen a post from a guy claiming he was successful just disabling a few items.
  14. And I want a pony. Seriously, look around and find someone with same machine and gear. Read what they did and what results they got. There is no grandfatherly type with all the answers who will sit and type them up neatly for you. The answers are here and at Netkas, you just need to do some digging and research.
  15. Not to worry. goalie never discovered anything or had any new magic, he was just repackaging things already known and slapping them in his script. Everything you need is still out there. I posted above the *secret sauce* he appropriated for this on release in June 2015. If someone wishes to develop a similar script, I:ll tell you what you need to know. And I will tell you a curious development which might help explain things. Shortly after 2016 MBP with new TB3 support came out, a clever guy named kid2010 posted the TB3 fix at Netkas board. One of the people mentioned above DELETED the links to that fix from this very board. *Not Invented Here* syndrome at it:s worst. Person in question would rather you all suffered with non-working TB3 than admit somebody else figured it out first. On at least 2 occasions these helpful links vanished, depriving the members here of latest TB3 fix. They had forgotten that there are NOT multiple versions of the truth, just one.
  16. goalie got caught trying to extort $$$ for his warez, no longer around But 13" with TB no biggie for OSX little more trouble for Windows
  17. Discvonnect everything else on TB, connect eGPU to lower left TB port
  18. I am confused when you say you tried variety of Web drivers. Except for the Beta ones (have "b" in version) they are all hard locked to a specific OS build. If his script says "Thunderbolt found but no egPU " then you need to hot plug it again and try running again. If his script doesn't complete running, it won't work. Sadly everyone got lazy while he supported the script and the "How to mod yourself" info is buried and no longer current. If I find time in next couple weeks I will post a complete "How To" mod the kexts yourself. Goalie has no interest in supporting his collection of other people's work anymore and has moved on to try to sell a paid app. So, you either need to read old posts that fit your combo or... I have a 2014 Mini, it should work fine. I haven't tried it with goalie's script as I do custom mods and it works. His script SHOULD work, he "borrowed" from the best. But if you partially run it and never get the "It's all done, reboot" message, it won't work. If you go force-installing a variety of Nvidia Web drivers, it won't work. It's important to stick to the beaten path if you don't understand what's going on with those mods.
  19. 460 is better bet long term if it uses the existing device id for Apple's 460. For a sad example, look up history of HD6970 and the R9 290X/390X. Those cards had good OS support at pone time, but now only work with extra hacking/fiddling, etc. Support got WORSE in newer OSs. Sonnett may have latency issues but in terms of booting and getting same result 10/10 it beats Akitio which is like 6/10. Very hard to diagnose what's going on when 4/10 boots will fail no matter what due to the device/OS interaction. I found a Netstor on Amazon used for less than $400. Same deal, much more stable. Also it is an x8 slot. No faster perhaps but nice anyway.
  20. There are bandwidth and TB controller limits, you may have hit them. When I use eGPU on 2013 nMP and also plug in a PCIE SSD in another bus, it slows down or quits. Despite Apple's glorious promises, the tech is very limited. 2 might be "as good as it gets" in OS X. Does Windows show any of them with Error 12? Can you connect a disobey to any or all of the 4 in Windows?
  21. Hey can someone else with 2016 nTBMBP confirm how often a 980Ti/Titan-X eGPU boots up in 10.12.1 2657? I'm not getting 100%.
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