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    So I think this is fitting
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    As promised by Alienware before, the WiHD kits are now available while configuring your R3. Available option are: Internal WirelessHD Technology FullHD Video Transmitter - 99$ Vizio XWH200 Universal WirelessHD Video and Audio Kit with internal 60Hz WirelessHD Transmitter - 289$ Here's what i found after a brief research. To stream WirelessHD you obviously need both transmitter and receiver. Modern TVs should start coming out with the receiver bundled but for the rest both are required. That means the first option won't give WiHD capabilities because you are lacking the receiver. Second option comes with both the internal transmitter (option A) plus the commercially available Vizio XWH200 kit (199$ on Amazon) which includes the said receiver and a 4 ports external transmitter to which you can plug your BD/Xbox/PS3 etc. So for those of us that ordered the R3 before that option was available the only option is to purchase the Vizio (or competing offerings) kit separately and either connect the R3 to the external transmitter or find the internal transmitter. Dell claims it's only available with new Laptop purchase, any idea where we can buy one ?
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    I'm gonna see if I can at least arrange a discount for T|I members through a Dell contact I know. Not sure if we'll get anything but it's worth a shot.
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    Also keep in mind Jimbo that a 6970m is a cheaper to manufacture laptop version of a HD6850 - Amazetech Amaze ATI HD6850 | ITSPOT.COM.AU Computer Components $179!!!! And that is including all the packaging and extra cooling, more PCB to build, etc. It is overpriced, in every regard. It simply is not worth $450 per card, in any universe, for any reason, in comparison to any laptop, ever. I do hope your view on "not final prices" is correct. Prices like that are doubled on the AU side of things, and at nearly $4k USD for an average config, you are looking at about $8k AUD over here. I would buy that classic second hand ferrari I have been eyeing off instead. A ferrari. -Ash
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    Let's hope they pay a visit to our forum and change their minds for their own sake... P.S I added a poll for this thread so you can vote.
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    Business users have special eyes coated with liquid dollars that protects them from the harmful RGB LED rays.
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    here is the part # for the internal card: 5HT44 just ordered one 10 mins ago. it was $98.30 with tax.
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    ThinkPad x220 with 15-20 hour battery life available for purchase tomorrow | ZDNet Lenovo announces new ThinkPad X220 ultraportable laptop, tablet
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    Ok. Using the m17x r3 configurator - going from a single gtx 460m to a single HD6970m is $175 USD. Two in crossfire for the M18x, then, should be $350 USD. If anyone in USA wants to call Dell USA and query this, stating the above, I would love to know their response. -Ash
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    For the price of that crossfire setup, I am definately upgraded to 485m sli third party. It looks like you guys in the US finally get a taste of Australian pricing! Really, it's ridiculous. As of this morning 1 AUD buys 1.08 USD, so my dollar effectively gives me an 8% discount on stuff I buy from the US, so it isnt as bad for me. Couple that with the cost of a pair of 485m's in AU ($1400) and it isnt all that much more expensive. $500 more? I thought it would be a lot more than that. Yeah, that system is waaaaaaaaaaay overpriced. Just wow. Release date is on May 18th, so a little while off yet. Maybe they will lower the pricing a bit? Perhaps alienware dont think they have a competitor in the same region? If you want to email/chat a sales rep, maybe link them the config that Brian just did for the clevo, and do the whole "why should I buy this alienware when this clevo is better? discount plox?" Ah, corporate greed. So rampant! -Ash
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    This is with a nearly base configuration with only essential upgrades: /faints Compare that with the M17x-R3 and all you're really getting performance wise is an additional ATi 6970M GPU. I doubt it costs Dell so much money to make an aluminium chasis or to use an 18.4" WLED panel. If it was IPS RGB LED as standard, then I'd see justification for the outrageous price. Lets hope it comes down when the system is finally made available to order.
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    Welcome Astara, nice to have another Aussie. Ashtefere - Now that's more like it! Maybe $900 is for dual 485's (at dell prices, it could be....).
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