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Y510p 750m issues detecting SLI ultrabay card (PSA)

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I am the guy on the lenovo forums that started the long threat about the ultrabay 750m5 cards not working on Y510p laptops (when bought separately). The problem is that if you bought non-sli version of the y510p 750m and then bought the ultrabay 750m5 card it is not being detected by the laptop. The problem has been figured out and basically Lenovo neutered the non-sli versions so they can't provided enough power to the ultrabay to support the second card so you are out of luck. You might be able to return the card or send back the entire laptop for a motherboard change. I did the later and they put the same motherboard back in so it didn't work for me. Eventually I returned the entire laptop for a new one directly from Lenovo with the SLI from factory and it works now.

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Yeah I was afraid of this issue when I was purchasing my laptop. I had difficulty finding a 755M ultrabay (actually...I didn't), so I handed my wallet's soul over. But good to know Lenovo is serious about not supporting upgrades. Even if they're the ones advertising, selling, and profiting from the upgraded parts! I love my y510p dual graphics laptop, HATE HATE HATE HATE Lenovo with a passion. They give ZERO support when it comes to upgrades. They won't even admit that parts their manuals say are compatible with their laptops exist. I spent an hour trying to find out who on this planet sells the Liteon AC wireless cards, sent several e-mails to distributors and manufacturers...but to not avail.

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Nope, I have both the 120w and the 170w adapter and neither fixed the issue. I got a new laptop from Lenovo that works but they are tinkering with my old one and it sounds like the cards they are selling are not compatible because other people have taken cards from factory SLI models and they work fine in our single card models. Lenovo is working with me on this trying to figure it out and I will update when I know more.

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BIG NEWS! Looks like Lenovo is working on the problem still and posted the following in my thread over on the Lenovo Support Forums:


We've been quiet on this for a while even though it is being worked at several levels.

I think we believe there may be different versions of the card in circulation, with the principle difference being the vbios on the card. We are working on a solution for the field, and I am hopeful it will be a simple vbios update.

Ordinarily I wait until we are certain of the solution and have a timetable for it, but I know this has been a long running issue and I wanted to share that we are finally making progress.

Best regards,


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GT750M, and GT755M Ultrabays all use the SAME EXACT PCB, and likely the same components too. There is literally no difference between the two except for the hardware straps (for configuring Device ID) and the vBIOS. Both of which can be easily changed. I modified them on a GT755M and "downgraded" it into a GT750M and am running native SLI in my August 2013 y410p GT750M.

I'm running a large Alienware PSU so I have plenty of power. The motherboard handles the power just fine. It's not an issue with the motherboards, it's an issue with the Ultrabay manufacturing. Most likely the vBIOS as the Lenovo mod pointed out.

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If you have a non-working card you can send in the card and your laptop and they can now fix the problem but as far as I know they never sold working version and it is now discontinued.

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      In case you own a Lenovo Y410p or Y510p laptop, you might be interested in upgrading its performance by installing an external graphics card. Ultrabay eGPU adapter designed by @gerald was proven to be a convenient plug-and-play option to do exactly that. However, for a long time only an AMD-branded GPUs could be used due to limitations in the Lenovo's stock BIOS. The purpose of the modified firmware presented here is to expand the range of available GPUs by enabling Nvidia support on Gerald's Ultrabay eGPU adapter.
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