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  1. @BAKED you still have this thread active? I've been trying to get a moded BIOS for the Clevo P170-SM I know there was one made by Prema, but it is not longer available for download. I was wondering if you would be able to provide one.
  2. it only lets me add the default +135 to the core, power target seems to be locked. I would like to overclock the card further the +135 on the core and memory.
  3. Hope this is what you need. I'm looking for to have most of the options unlocked. Like to have the ability to change power and temperature target, core and memory slider. If is not much to ask and only if possible. Thanks so much for your time and work. GM204.zip
  4. @Klem would you mind looking at my bios? I like to unlock power target clock and memory sliders and vore voltage if possible. Thanks in advance
  5. perfect, I was not sure if the 1060 would work. BTW where can I find the modded BIOS for this laptop. I was planning to do some OC on the cpu. I got a i7-4710MQ. Thanks in advance
  6. I have a 230W power adapter should it be enough for the gtx 1060?
  7. Hi, I got a Sager NP8278 (Clevo P170SM) with a gtx970m 6GB. is there a way to have SLI or what are my upgrade options for the video card?
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