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  1. yeah i want to see how that looks like some pics should be nice, i dont like the glossy bezel either
  2. if you dont want to mod the bios and need to lower the heat use throttleStop and set the multiplier lower i use mine at 26T (2600mhz) and temps are about 85-95 gaming 1h+ very CPU intense game (Tera), with that i stoped the throtteling issue, but i want to get lower temps, so im going to use the bios mod to disable HT and see if that help, other thing is repaste the CPU/GPU but you will have to dissarm the laptop almost complete lol and that is my last option
  3. i upgraded my y510p from 8gb to 16gb cause i had a free 8gb lying around and the difference for my daily use and gaming is none XD
  4. After using a couple of pads the results are close to Just raise the laptop with something
  5. Great to know im going for the same KN card
  6. Might be throttling issue? What temps you have at full load? Use high performance power mode Download throttleStop and test wich multiplier works better my i7 i use it at 26x (2600mhz) 3400mhz get temp too high and games start sttutering
  7. One question the power issue wouldnt be fix with the 120w power adapter ????
  8. Omg really?? I was going to buy the second card for my y510p bummer
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