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How to remove keys from the backlit keyboard on my P150EM?

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The regular enter key on my backlit keyboard fails to detect a lot of keypresses. I'd like to take it off and see if i can find a cause.

It's not in the manual and google search only seems to return results on how to remove the entire keyboard. Is it even possible without breaking anything?

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you have to use a small screwdriver to push the top cover/switch board from the underside of the pc (thru a spot located beside the gpu fan below the first gpu heatpipe and left of the mxm slot ) then remove the screws holding the keyboard in place after which you lift the keyboard up gently and disconnect the flex cable better refer page 37 of the p150em service manual available here :http://forum.techinferno.com/clevo-sager/3837-clevo-service-manuals.html

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You can just pop off single keys by lifting them from the top end, just be a bit careful and it will be fine.

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You can just pop off single keys by lifting them from the top end, just be a bit careful and it will be fine.

Usually the keys are attached in each corner on a laptop, the are attached to a scissor type piece of plastic, that then attaches to the base at 4 points.

2 of the 4 points, usually the bottom of the key closest to you although Prema highlights it might be the TOP so take care) clip DOWN, the top right/left (or bottom as Prema wisely suggests) have a little mini rail inside and the plastic scissor slides in and out when you push the key down. If I try to explain how to install one, hopefully it will give you an idea of how to remove one?

to INSTALL an NEW key, you would

fit the plastic scissor (if it isn't already attached)

hold the scissor in the up position with a bit of bent paper clip and slide the rail on the key, in to the lugs on the scissor (that are held up in the air by the paper clip!

then remove the paperclip (or other item) gently, and ensuring the key is straight and the remaing clips and lugs feel aligned, gently press down, it should clip in to position!

here is an image I nicked off google :) - it highlights the importance that some scissors are the front to back configuration, and the slimmer keys are actually left to right (and some might be right to left or back to front!) - I usually just gently lift up the sides of the key with a spudger - starting at the back (as this is usually the clip side) - if you pull to hard on the slide side, it will just unclip the scissor from the base, so no drama really, just doubles the amount of work to reinstall!

take care not to damage the rubber contact, although I suspect this little bit is what's damaged anyway - it is glued down, if you knock it off, it requires some incredible precison gluing to get it back in position, I recommend using a tiny brush to paint on the glue - do not use to much, and once stuck back down centrally, do NOT press the rubber down or install that key for 24hrs or the whole dam lot will stick down and this is not so easily fixed without damaging the contacts


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Thanks for all the helpful replies!

I removed the enter key and looked for something obvious that could cause the problem. I found that the rubber piece itself had to be pressed pretty deep before the key fires, i assume that's what my problem comes down to. I'm used to mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX switches so it's probably just the difference between the keyboards that confuses me.

I didn't see anything special so i took some pictures of it and put the key back on.





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      PS: the reason why i want to flash it, is GPU upgrade (from AMD 7970M - bricked, to NVIDIA 970M)

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