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  1. thank you very much for the quick response. is it worthwhile to upgrade to upgrade from f.44 to f.64 bios ? the newer bios have some fixes but i haven't seen confirmation whether the newer bios retains the broken whitelist for wlan.
  2. Good day, recently i managed to take hold of a 2570p and would like to ask whether this mod would work with the newer bioses and whether the newer f.6x bioses have any restrictions compared to older bios revisions that may make them undesirable to upgrade to from bios f.44 which my notebook currently have.
  3. if the pdf that i looked into is correct it would have atleast a mpcie slot so there atleast an adapter that may work with your pc however you may have to ask for someone to modify your uefi to remove any white/blacklist it may have and possibly other fixes as well. it looks like its the hardware acceleration is disabled probably due to quirks to optimus? try updating both igp ang dgpu drivers and see if it make things better sometimes works with games that recognizes the gpu as igp even when set to run using the dgpu
  4. what is the wattage of the psu ? the heatsink will likely need replacement
  5. it is most likely gpu fan failure and that would fix it
  6. even at startup ? could you check that all three fans are spinning freely and would increase their speed at power on for a little while maybe one of them are on their way out or have damaged speed sensors maybe ?
  7. does the gpu fans increase their rotational speed along with temperature ?
  8. I don't know if this works efi systems but on AWARD bios you basically find the stock vbios or module part on the bios then replace it with your desired file and some trimming here and there so that the modules are where they are supposed to. Be prepared with at least a replacement bios chip and a soldering iron as it is highly probable that the product will be unbootable.are you overclocking the 660m ? slv7 has already made an unlocked bios with an overclocked vbios included as well :
  9. likely you have to use bios modding tools to insert the vbios failing that probably with hex editing software best left to seasoned bios modders instead as differing sizes and possibly starting addresses of the vbios and other modules even a different order of the modules is enough to cause the bios to be unbootable.
  10. a skylake w110er with muxed gpu and ips screen bigger backlit keyboard, ability to use four displays with an analog port shared w a digital port ....if it were possible i would also wish for socketed cpu and gpu as well as 4 dimm slots 5 m.2 slots and better cooling.
  11. a w110/w230 successor with smaller bezels preferably closer to the w110 size maybe a bit thicker if that would allow better headroom to cram in hardware. i thinks it has more to do with the flush glass bezels and making the lids thinner rather than making the bezels thinner.
  12. a w110er successor with the following : ability to switch optimus to either igp to dgpu a bigger keyboard w/ backlight a 12 inch screen
  13. someone correct me if im wrong but the gt780 like the gt680 will not work w/ kepler gpus due to the lack of optimus support .
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