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Lenovo Y50-70 throttling issues.

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Hello everyone,


I have a Lenovo Y50-70 touch, i7-4700, gtx 860m. I'm having some throttling issues with games on MINIMUM settings. Most games, load up screens and such are causing major stuttering. I'm running them windowed right now to monitor values on nvidia inspector and throttlestop. MSI afterburner isn't giving me much information. 

I'm getting PL2, EDP and POWER errors on throttlestop. Active throttling.

Here are some timestamps and data.

          DATE     TIME      MULTI  C0% CKMOD BAT_mW  TEMP    VID      POWER

2021-02-11  00:56:32  31.97   18.7  100.0       0                 59   0.9537   19.9   EDP

2021-02-11  01:18:33  31.93   90.8  100.0       0                 78   0.9259   46.4
2021-02-11  01:18:34  31.96   92.6  100.0       0                 79   0.9244   46.1
2021-02-11  01:18:35  31.61   99.3  100.0       0                 78   0.9259   47.5   PL2
2021-02-11  01:18:36  31.57   97.3  100.0       0                 80   0.9050   47.4
2021-02-11  01:18:37  31.40   94.1  100.0       0                 79   0.9219   47.3
2021-02-11  01:18:38  31.55   90.9  100.0       0                 80   0.8866   47.1
2021-02-11  01:18:39  31.47   92.2  100.0       0                 80   0.9244   47.5   PL2

2021-02-11  01:21:13  31.98   53.9  100.0       0                 90   0.9160   40.6
2021-02-11  01:21:14  31.87   61.3  100.0       0                 92   0.8962   41.6
2021-02-11  01:21:15  31.43   86.4  100.0       0                 93   0.9170   45.6   PL2
2021-02-11  01:21:16  31.54   89.7  100.0       0                 93   0.9160   46.1
2021-02-11  01:21:17  31.20   92.3  100.0       0                 94   0.8962   46.1   PL2
2021-02-11  01:21:18  31.31   92.3  100.0       0                 95   0.9148   46.5   PL2
2021-02-11  01:21:19  31.45   88.2  100.0       0                 93   0.9148   46.6
2021-02-11  01:21:20  31.38   85.6  100.0       0                 95   0.8612   45.9   PL2
2021-02-11  01:21:21  31.16   90.8  100.0       0                 94   0.9148   46.2
2021-02-11  01:21:22  31.65   87.2  100.0       0                 94   0.9160   46.3   PL2





If anyone has any ideas or advice, please don't hesitate to tell me.

I'd like to avoid buying a new computer, but I've had this unit for about 5-6 years.

When I first bought it, it did have to get serviced due to a motherboard failure. I did notice the lack of processing power though, it always felt kind of slow after that.

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It is throttling due to power limit. PL2 = Power limit. I do not own Y50-70 but i do own the predecessor Y510p and there is a way to bypass this limit but it'll not help in your case as your temps are already very high. Even a slight increase in power limit will push temps to 100 degrees easily. Let's assume you have improved the cooling and bypassed power limit, still you might get limited by current throttling (EDP). There is no way to bypass EDP in your system.


In short, you can improve cooling a bit and get a bit more performance but you cannot bypass the throttling limits. Blame lenovo.

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