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  1. I overclocked My Dell Dimension E520 QX6800 up to 3.99Ghz using Throttlestop software. http://valid.x86.fr/l2j5p1 I'm of course thrilled with this result. But I'm having a few issues with TS and I thought this might be the place to get answers since many here have used the program. In Windows XP all my setting would be saved when I shut down and rebooted. In Windows7 at first I had to ask permission from Windows security to run it. So I turned that down to minimum. It still wouldn't load by itself. But if I wanted it it was a click away, so for browsing I left it off and used it as needed. Now I've had a Window Critical Update. TS runs in taskbar without WS badge there, but it loses my overclock at random times. I find EIST turned off, and I have to reset VID , and Multiplier to apply it again. I'm wondering if going to the Throttlestop 8.00 beta would help, or are there some settings I could apply to get it to save my settings at startup. Due to a cooling mod my computer throws a fan fail message at boot so I prefer to use sleep mode as much as possible. So it's important that my setting are recovered there also. I received a reply to this from Unclewebb at a post about Throttlestop8.00 beta at Overclock.net.
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