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M6700 bottom access panel door

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Can anyone relate whether the M6600's bottom access panel door (NND2C) fits M6700 (F2YMX)? I am looking for a replacement and found the older ones way cheaper, looking pretty much the same on photos.



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    • By IAmSteveRogers
      I have been attempting to change my boost clocks values for the longest time, though I've been unsuccessful. I managed to flash my modded BIOS, though no changes seem to have had happened, along with no errors either. Here's all the stuff I used and was able to get. If someone is able to help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated.
    • By DevilHope
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    • By alwon
      I tried to extract the .bin from the .exe (on Dell's website) using PhoenixTool v.273, and in a way it worked... I want to change the TDP values on my 1060mq but when I tried to open the .bin in Mobile Pascal TDP Tweaker, this is what happened. Can somebody help me? Here's the original .exe and the .bin. Thanks!
      (note: I wasn't able to extract the bios using AFUWINGUI64 or any other similar tool as I think Dell has some type of guard or protection against that, suspecting that's also the cause of my current issues...)
    • By natasha123
      I use Dell M6700, 2GB K3000M graphics card.
      I see the overclock is hopeless.
      Computer M6700, Windows 10.
      I installed the Msi afterburner, but could not unlock the voltage.
      I flash vbios as per instructions:
      I open the CMD to the desktop (the folder containing rom and nvflash)
      nvflash --protectoff
      nvflash k3000m.rom
      K3000m rom i downloaded here:
      I heard a beep when using the nvflash --protectoff command
       and another beep when using nvflash k3000m.rom
      However after doing all that. I installed the afterburner msi, everything is the same. I have edited the MSG afterburder CFG file by making changes like:
      Format = 2
      CoreVoltageBoost =
      PowerLimit =
      ThermalLimit =
      ThermalPrioritize =
      CoreClkBoost =
      MemClkBoost =
      VDDC_Generic_Detection = 1
      All have no effect.
    • By natasha123
      I want to upgrade my GPU ( K3000M  to other card ) from M6700
      I found it :
      thank u. 
      please help  

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