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  1. It doesn't really fit yet I just added it for testing. My GPU already has a Dell BIOS. I managed to install my drivers but I'll give it another shot with a different version. I still can't download files from download section
  2. There are simply options and there is a little button above the Temp-Limit slider but if you don't see it then it is probably not available due to vBios. I think you are on the right way. Did other people flash this model yet and were able to fix this?
  3. Your heatsink is the same like mine, I just did some modification. Take a closer look Yes, I have installed modded drivers a few times before but I never tried a different driver with the 880m yet. And it's not like I 'want' to buy the 870m but if I don't get this piece of crap to work then I have to look for something different. Don't really wanna go back to the 770m. A maxwell-chip would be jackpot but they are hard to find or just overpriced. I feel you man. There are still good models out there but the trend to solder everything for 0,000134mm thinner laptop is undeniable. I'm afraid I have to get one of those ugly 'gaming' laptops in the future xD Edit: What's the white flex cable at the bottom that goes below the EC-slot? I don't have that one^^ SC-card option?
  4. 67° and throttling?!?! Sounds crazy to me^^ Are you able to set throttling-value in MSI Afterburner?
  5. I came off the thought that it has something to do with power consumption. Even if we do have the high-end i7 installed, we know that most games are not very cpu demanding. So the cpu would rarely consume 45W I guess. Maybe I'm wrong cause of some spikes the hardware does when loading or getting a lot to render at one time but I still I can't think of a scenario within regular all-day gaming when that would happen. The heatpipe of the CPU actually stays pretty cool most of the time. It never gets really hot like the GPU ones. (No, we don't 'need' i7 - We WANT i7 :P) HDD was out from the beginning. Only 1 mSATA installed. I removed all DIMMs except 1x8GB. Added improvised heatspreaders and heatpipe for testing - underclocked GPU 150MHz and locked 45fps max. Guess what? This shit doesn't work lol. I can reproduce crashes in demanding games and the GPU doesn't even hit 72°+. I had crashes at 68° and 69°. If I turn graphics down (tried Doom@900p mid/high) or just start stuff like Rocket League, the system stays stable (tried ~30min) but launching something like Witcher3 at higher settings is even too much with the capped 45fps. Crashes after a few minutes. I don't get errors. Screen just turns blue or black and the system powers off after a few seconds or I have to turn it off manually. If Furmark crashes I get an OpenGL-error VERY RARELY. This sucks. I could switch back to my 770m and have the same experience but without screwin around. Found a 870m and maybe could get it for a nice price. Could be worth a try too. I didn't tweak voltages and custom vBIOS yet. Maybe my last chance... Still can't get over the that fact you are running the card without any cooling mods playin ME-Andromeda for more than an hour
  6. I registered since my projects become more complicated i.e. laptop engineers/designers became more stupid and the forum already helped me out a few times. Don't really know people IRL who are interested in hardware, modding and all the other crap we love and I really miss to have conversations and debates about all those things. I got a shit-ton of different laptops (since that's part of what I do for payin bills) and won't bother to name them all. Thank you very much for this forum and everybody who brings something useful to the table. Regards from Austria.
  7. Hello guys Anybody here who has experience in upgrading the awful HD-Panel of the E7240 or E7250 to a FHD-Version? I upgraded some E7440 and E7450 from HD to FHD without any problems but I've read that the same does not really go for the 12" model. PCB on panel being too big is the most common problem. What about changing the whole display? From what I know all the mainboards have the required connectors for both versions. The hinge covers will just not fit when upgrading to a touchscreen but I contacted Dell and they offer those hinge covers for sell. Don't know anything about the price yet. I would love to have an FHD-Display in my E7240. With or without touch. I don't need a touchscreen but I like the look of screens with glass and the screen of the touchscreen model looks really nice.
  8. Alright... So it seems to be a problem related to TDP. I tried Rocket League with capped 60fps and it was running for about 20min without problems. Witcher 3 was giving me the same problems like you described. Furmark kills pc after a few minutes even when the card is underclocked and has not even reached 80° I have the double gpu-heatsink too (2 pipes to gpu cooler + 1 pipe to cpu cooler). Is this the same one like yours? My stock gpu was FirePro M6000 and I think the AMD heatsink has to be the better one since the AMDs just get hotter. Single heatpipe heatsink only come with cheap Nvidia cards. Someone can confirm that? I am still trying to modify the cpu cooling system. I have a 3940XM too and the throttling in the M6700 is a well known issue. I will try to underclock the CPU and watch what happens. Additionally I'm going to flash a custom vBios and see what I can do there without impacting performance too much. Do you think it is possible that the 240W PSU is just not enough for 3940XM + 880m @ full power? 880m - 115W+ 3940XM - 55W Display - ~20W We are already scratchin the 200 without RAM and other crap and I'm pretty sure the PSU does not have a 100% efficiency. I'll check power usage with a wattage monitor cable today although I don't think it's very accurate but maybe we'll get an idea.
  9. Push! This is interesting! A lot of parts seem to be the same on the M-Precision series.
  10. @szumial Have you been able to get a stable system? I put a 880m in my M6700 too but it's not very stable. I already modded the cooling system a bit but it still doesn't really work that well. Maybe different vBios and undervolt/underclock a little bit? idk... pls help
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