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  • Help Syrian Children Through Mining


    Everyone knows of the plight Syrian refugees have gone through since their civil war started and I'm sure some gamers out there have wondered how they could help out. Well UNICEF has created a pretty cool website that lets you register and download an application that runs on your PC utilizing your GPU's spare power to help mine ethereum that will be used for the children. Here's their explanation about why they're doing this:



    For the last 6 years, Syrian children have been living the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world, on such a scale that it exceeds the borders of Syria. As conflict gets bogged down, the number of people in need of life support increases dramatically. For UNICEF, nearly 8.3 million children need help in Syria but also in neighboring countries that host refugee families.

    An estimated 13.5 million people in Syria are in need of life-saving assistance, including 6 million children. The stagnation of the war, of a rare violence, traumatizes the population forced to live the terror, to move into the country or to take refuge elsewhere. Nearly 8 million people are displaced in Syria, and nearly 4 million are refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Today, almost 50% of the population is refugees or displaced.


    Check out UNICEF's website for more information if you'd like to help out with a good cause: https://www.chaingers.io/en/index.html

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