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2012 Mac mini + GTX970 @10Gbps-TB2 (Highpoint Rocketstor 6361A) + OSX10.11.4 [entzoe]

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Hello fellas. This is my 3rd eGPU setup. I had an Akitio and Sonnet III-D setup before. By far, I think this is the easiest setup I had compared to the previous two. Maybe because I am not just too adventurous of adding extra effort with creating or dealing with molex-barrel plug and riser. That is just me. Again, it will be to someone's preference towards their eGPU setup.


Got a last pair from a certain seller of this Rocketstor TB2 at Amazon for 218$ two weeks ago. Current price right now is around $234 +/-


The setup is pretty straight forward similar to @Scooter's setup. I removed the 2 molex cables from the two board and replace it with the molex cables from the PSU. I bent the fan section of Rocketstor to accommodate the length of my GTX 970. For the reason that I don't have to remove the board from the case. I'll look for some small and clean enclosure in the future to house my setup.




The Hardware

  • Mac Mini Late 2012 on OSX El Capitan 10.11.4
  • GTX 970 SC 4GB
  • Highpoint Rocketstor 6361A
  • Corsair CX500 (80)
  • Paper clip method
  • Shitty monitor for now


After putting the hardware together, I just have to run @goalque's automated eGPU script and everything went smoothly!











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EEEP! You bent the case! Could have taken out the 4 screws holding the main board and mounted everything to (worse case) a block of wood!

I guess it doesn't matter if you just need the Highpoint case to use as a temporary stand. I liked the idea of recycling things down the track.

Look forward to seeing your final set up.

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Hi Guys I'm trying to build this too to run with my 2013 MBPr and noticed neither of you used this setup in a Windows OS. Do you think if it's possible to do that or there's no driver yet for Windows?

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