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  1. I just noticed that the GPU memory showing in your benchmark is 4GB? is this just the Unigine thing?
  2. Hey Guys, has anyone here jumped to and use GTX 1080 on your EGPU? Please post some little review.
  3. ... Good thing you did not forgot to say TY... good job! Enjoy your eGPU!
  4. It is only showing that the previous driver version is still compatible..... Can you open the NVIDIA Driver Manager Preferences? and click Check Now button if it has a new driver for 10.11.5? If not then you have to wait. @goalque script is working for sure only if there's a valid driver.
  5. Can you try the following 1. Do an SMC reset 2. Before you start your mini, connect to your monitor via HDMI while the thuderbolt is connected. Start your mini and verify if the GPU is detected is connected. If it is connected, remove the hdmi to your mini and connect it directly back to the GPU. 3. You may also do the following. Shutdown. Click Command + R right after you start your mini. Go to terminal and type the following csrutil disable and do the step #2. Let me know how it goes.....
  6. There you go... I should have been more resourcefull in looking somenof the previous post!
  7. And SLI works in OSX? Rendering only or including games? Thanks! Very nice development....
  8. Hi @squinks have you tried to daisy chain the two enclosure and just use one TB cable to your MBP?
  9. I had a 650W before with my Akitio/770/780ti/combo. And intermittently with 970 surprisingly, I never had an issue with Highpoint Rocketstor /970 until now. Playing games for 4 straight hours and leaving the unit open for whole day.... I left my Akitio offshore... Until it arrive by mail soon I can do another test
  10. Yes this is a great enclosure. You don't have to create a barrel and such. I never experienced any kernel panics like the Akitio. I think this is a very stable. Been running this enclosure for 4 days now and not experienced any issues.
  11. Is there anyone here that uses Akitio and still encountering this kind of issue? This was the same issue I encountered with my Akitio GTX 770 and 780TI combo before and even with the full length GTX 970 from time to time I would experience that kernel panics during gaming.
  12. Hello fellas. This is my 3rd eGPU setup. I had an Akitio and Sonnet III-D setup before. By far, I think this is the easiest setup I had compared to the previous two. Maybe because I am not just too adventurous of adding extra effort with creating or dealing with molex-barrel plug and riser. That is just me. Again, it will be to someone's preference towards their eGPU setup. Got a last pair from a certain seller of this Rocketstor TB2 at Amazon for 218$ two weeks ago. Current price right now is around $234 +/- The setup is pretty straight forward similar to @Scooter's setup. I removed the 2 molex cables from the two board and replace it with the molex cables from the PSU. I bent the fan section of Rocketstor to accommodate the length of my GTX 970. For the reason that I don't have to remove the board from the case. I'll look for some small and clean enclosure in the future to house my setup. The Hardware Mac Mini Late 2012 on OSX El Capitan 10.11.4 GTX 970 SC 4GB Highpoint Rocketstor 6361A Corsair CX500 (80) Paper clip method Shitty monitor for now After putting the hardware together, I just have to run @goalque's automated eGPU script and everything went smoothly!
  13. @Dschijn maybe I'm wrong..... Im trying to recall my setup when I started with this. Maybe I sold off my TBD and just gotten the LED Cinema version.. I will verify again... Thanks for pointing that out
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