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eGPU for a Acer Aspire v3-571g-7363161TMaii, how to do this?


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This is my first topic here at techinferno so hopefully i'm doing this right. I'm from Sweden and my native language is not English so bare with me please. 


I have a;

Acer Aspire v3-571g-7363161

S/N NXM7EED0023041284B3400

intel i7-3632QM @2.2 ghz

Intel HM77 Express Chipset

Nvidia Gforce 730m

16gb RAM


I would like to upgrade my GPU. The only game i need it for is CS:GO and i want to play this game with good quality. 

I also do some CAD work professionally but since the computer is working fine for this today i don't really need to upgrade it for this reason.

I like the computer in all aspects but the GPU and that's why i want to upgrade it instead of getting a new one. I also really like the idea of beeping able to upgrade a laptop


After some research i have found that the easiest way to do this is to disconnect the wifi to plug the egpu in there. Is this correct? As i like to use the WiFi in the future i would need to have the wifi from somewhere else. If i were to use a wifi usb stick, do i loose a lot of performance?


The Wifi is connected trough a PCI Express? Is this a 2.0 or 3.0? Does this matter?

Is there a limit in the bandwidth that will affect the performance? 


I'm looking at a Nvidia Gforce 960, is this overkill or will i be able to use the power in the card?


Do you have any tips or ideas of what eGPU adapter i should get? 


I'm quite comfortable to shrew the laptop into pieces, i have done so a couple of times to clean it from dust. 

As it was a while ago i don't remember hos the dGPU (730m) was connected. Is there a way a can connect my egpu to where the dgpu is today? if so, is there any pros and cons i should know of? 


Do you think this is worth doing? Will a be able to use the computer as a laptop and simply disconnect the Egpu in the future if i connect it trough the PCI port? 

I have seen some video tutorials of this, but as i'm eager to learn more please don't hesitate to provide me with links!


If someone has any other ideas of how to upgrade this laptop i'm up for any ideas. 


I probably have about 100000 more questions, but i'll leave it for now.


Best regards







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I have Acer v3-571g and i use:

Adapter: EXP GDC v 8.3

PowerS: Aerocool VX-400

Card: GTX 960 4 GB


But i have trouble in CS:GO now, becouse eGPU worse than my GT 730m.

I think it's my false...

If you intresting you can read my topic.


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