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  1. Ok, guys. I think i know my problem. My eGPU only PhysX works, but for Graphic use iGPU (i don't why). Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for Answer! How can I make sure that my egpu runs Gen2 enabled? In the Setup 1.30 I put it, but I do not know how to make sure that it works. Yes, i Setup driver for GTX 960. May be i need do DSDT Override? I try do this external monitor, but evning. UPD: I change in Setup 1.30 to Gen 1, and it became worse. FPS in CS:GO bacame ~50. (was ~105) Minimal setup. With external monitor FPS grew by 10%. Someone can help me?
  3. Hi, everyone! Today, after two days of torture, I set eGPU. But the joy was short-lived... However, in order: I have Acer v3-571G with dGPU GT 730m. I deactived this card in Setup 1.30 that i can use Optimus with eGPU. eGPU: GTX 960 4GB. (EXP GDC v 8.3) But after the test, I was confused. All due to the fact that the MSI Afterburner has shown that the GPU is used by 98%, but the GPU is not involved at all. 0% Always I test in CS:GO, Watch Dogs, GTA 5. In Watch Dogs eGPU better, but I think it can be more. In CS:GO, my dGPU was much better... In GTA5 results are approximately equal, but eGPU a little bit better. I expected more from this decision. It can is possible to solve this problem? Maybe I made a mistake during the installation? Best regards.
  4. Hi! I have Acer v3-571g and i use: Adapter: EXP GDC v 8.3 PowerS: Aerocool VX-400 Card: GTX 960 4 GB But i have trouble in CS:GO now, becouse eGPU worse than my GT 730m. I think it's my false... If you intresting you can read my topic.
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