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m18xR1 New 105 UNLOCKED bios, with v11.2, 11.6, 12.9.0 OpRom with RAID0 TRIM SUPPORT!!!


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Hey Everyone,

Well, I was FINALLY able to MOD a fully UNLOCKED A05 Bios for the m18x R1. 

I created several BIOS's that have the following Intel Raid OpRom v10.5, 11.2, 11.6, 12.9, 13.5.  I'm told that 12.9.0 is the BEST version to use with our m18xR1.  Also, these ROMS are modded to give TRIM on a RAID0 system!  I've tested it and can confirm it does work!

I also have an intel ME Firmware upgrade that you can do, as well, but I only sugest people that know what they are doing use it.  Only because, for some reason, if you flash the ME firmware, then the Bios, there is a problem and you can brick your ME Firmware.  (You'd need a new motherboard).  It locks your firmware. 

Anyway, if you flash the bios that you want, and not even deal with upgrading the ME, then you're fine.  But, if you do the ME firmware upgrade like I did, if you flash and bios's, you will need to downgrade the FW, before any BIOS flashing...  (I THINK).

In any case, you may just want to stick with the BIOS upgrade, as this will give you TRIM in RAID0 support (confirmed with trimtool).

If interested, please let me know!



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