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  1. Version A05-v2.0


    So, here is another version of the m18xR1 bios for your enjoyment. Bios Version: A05 Update Version: 2.0 **WARNING: PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR INTEL ME(Intel Management Engine) MUST BE THE ORIGINAL. If' you've updated, please make sure you downgrade back to stock Intel ME! ** I've updated the following: Unlocked A05 (slv7's unlocked version) iRST 12.9.0, Atheros LAN ROM vbios 2171 (latest) Microcode Updated M.2 support (with adapter needed) And more... (But these are all I can remember) This version RST will work with RAID, TRIM for RAID, etc... *** This is the MOST STABLE VERSION! *** If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! (On a side note - if ANYONE is willing, I MIGHT know how to get legacy to work on 800m+ video cards. But I need GOOD testers that know how to recovery flash and POTENTIALLY use SPI programmers in case of bad flash)! PM me if interested!
  2. Version A05-v2.1


    Hey Everyone, I am attaching a COUPLE of BIOS's to be flashed on the m18xR1 - This one is based off of SVL7's unlocked bios. I've updated SEVERAL items on it. **WARNING: PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR INTEL ME(Intel Management Engine) MUST BE THE ORIGINAL. If' you've updated, please make sure you downgrade back to stock Intel ME! Bios Updates: 1) UNLOCKED BIOS 2) Intel RST v13.5.0 (Understand that this MIGHT NOT work with RAID. It should, but some people had trouble - you can downgrade to the v12 that I've poasted it you have any trouble!) 3) CPU Micro Code has been updated 4) NIC Firmware 5) Video Bios (On-Board) 6) M.2 Support (Through an adapter - but adapter will be recognized) 7) there are SEVERAL other updates but I just can't remember them all, lOl! (Sorry) Version A05-v2.0 is probably better as it is the most stable. I'd SERIOUSLY suggest using that version. IF you want to use this, just understand it MIGHT cause you trouble with RAID... (It worked for some, and didn't work for others) Enjoy!!! Swick (On a side note - if ANYONE is willing, I MIGHT know how to get legacy to work on 800m+ video cards. But I need GOOD testers that know how to recovery flash and POTENTIALLY use SPI programmers in case of bad flash)! PM me if interested)
  3. It's not "UEFI", exactly, that the m18xR1 has. It's more like a UEFI Wrapper... The R1 bios is VERY screwy / different, sadly, with the wrapper. I tried so many different ways to get the R1 to work with legacy with a 900+ series GPU, but to no avail. I was, finally, able to get the R2 to support it... HOWEVER, if someone has the m18xR1 and is willing to try a flash (that MAY go badly), let me know. I have ONE idea left that I was too afraid to try, but my research shows it COULD work... Let me know...
  4. Hey All, Unfortunately, I worked with a member on the R1 but it is not compatible. The R1 bios is technically not UEFI if I remember correctly (It's been OVER a year since we worked on it). As such, I did take SLV7's unlocked bios and update to the latest supported by the M18xR1, but I was unable to get the 980m to work. Again, it's been a REALLY long time since I worked on it, but I didn't really have ANY success, sadly! I mean, I still do have a couple of idea's, actually, but they are VERY unlikely to work... (sorry to be the bad news messenger!) HOWEVER.... I am going to post the m18xR1 updated BIOS's that I did. I've update the Intel RST (to multiple versions, you can choose) from v11 - 13 Updated CPU microcode Updated On Board Video Bios & Settings... (Evil Grin) Updated LAN Bios These are just to name a FEW updates. I hope you enjoy as I'm posting them on the site within the next day! Swick
  5. @haXBOXpro I'm glad Everything is working out for you. I'm still trying to see if I can tweak the bios a little more since there are enhancements I can add to the SATA Controller for ppl running in AHCI (Instead of raid) cause there are a lot of tweaks that'll help with performance. However, I'm working on the m17xR4 at the moment to see if I can get them legacy support, too. - PLUS, all the updates that the m18R2 bios has as well. But, I will, at some point, come back to the R2 - since it's the main machine laptop I use, I WILL get back to it, that's for sure. ANY speed increases are obviously something I want. heh Thanks again for the kind words! I hope to get MORE of the alienware systems that are UEFI the support, too, soon! Thanks, Swick
  6. @Brian Okay, thanks... I figure you know me well enough that I do NOT want to break any ToS, or create any problems, heh! Thanks for the quick response! Appreciate it. In that case, I have a MOD with MULTIPLE version of intel RST for the m18xR1. I'll add the mod to the downloads. It updates ALL modules to the latest that they support, etc... and a fe other tweaks, too! Thanks again for the quick response! Excited to add more mods to your downloads!
  7. @Brian Hey Brian, got a question for you... I have a bios mod for the m18xR1. It has ALL the modules updated that can be and some tweaks to other modules, too... HOWEVER, there have been some people (testers) that have reported NO problems with the mod, and other that report the RAID array has an issue with the updated intel RST Raid to As such, I have 2 different version of the mod I put out. But, can I put the mod for the R1 that MAY have an issue with RAID modules on the downloads site, and warn ppl that it works for some but not others and there is NO reason as to why... Let me know what you think...
  8. Hey Again, I am so sorry about not being around. I thought I was better, and I was... kinda. But then the pneumonia got me, big time. Anyway, I'm back now, finally. For sure this time. @Brian for the kind words and EVERYONE else!, too! Also, looks like the pneumonia didn't kill me, either... So, sounds like I'll be here a little while longer. Sucks for all of you! lol
  9. Hey Everyone, I'm so sorry for being away for so long. I got sick, was out of the country, and couldn't get back in. Had to wait for infection to go away. Then came back, and picked up Pneumonia, laryngitis, fever, etc... LOTS of fun, eh? Guess I won the bad luck lottery, heh! Anyway, I'm back now, FINALLY! I apologize for being away and will reply to everyone ASAP! Thanks, Swick
  10. Gabeo, You have not provided me with the error details. Please provide this information then someone may be able to help you! Swick
  11. Hey everyone, I was hoping I could ask for a little help. For some unknown reason my system all of a sudden when I turn it on will power on for a couple seconds the fans will go on and then they turn off. The lights are on but the monitor screen is blank and I can't do anything. I've tried the blind flash recovery method and for whatever reason my system will not accept it. In fact comma I try to do the blind Flash and there are no beeps at all. And I've kept it plugged in for an extended period of time with no luck at all. I have not flashed any new firmware at all and it's been working just sign and I have not changed anything. I am going to try the clear CMOS method but I doubt that will work as well. Again I have not changed any settings so I don't know what's going on. I could really use some help. Thank you
  12. Hey Everyone, I'm looking for some testers to see if we can get LEGACY SUPPORT for the m17xR4. Furthermore, I've also done MANY updates on this bios, too... I updated RAID (EFI & LEGACY) to v12.9.0.2006 (This may need to be downgraded as the chipset you have may NOT support this raid version, but this is the latest version that will work IF youre running RAID. It also supports TRIM in RAID0. If you are not running raid, I can update to v13 if you want, but we need to test one at a time!) Updated GOP Drivers & GOP Policy Updated vbios from 2098 to 2171 Updated Microcode for all cpu's Added M.2 Support Added NvMe support Updated Atheros Lan Firmware & PXE Boot Firmware Updated To Possibly Give Legacy Support, BUT....... I NEED TESTERS!!! Please contact me if you want to try. Understand, HOWEVER, that am NOT responsible for ANYTHING that happens to your system if it goes wrong. (Just a SMALL disclaimer, heh) Thanks, Swick
  13. Thanks Infini, I appreciate the kind words AND the beer. Means a lot! goto: premamod.com You'll see on his site he has the METool and it will update your system to v8.1.64 or 65 or soemthing like that. STILL can't remember, lol! anyway, that'll update your ME Firmware without any trouble! I didn't even know prema put out a tool, as I've always been updating my ME (when I've had the "YOU KNOW WHAT") to do it, via intel's fwupd windows or dos program with the updated firmware bin from intel. Prema makes it a little easier! Download the Intel v8 for windows, and extract, and then run the tool. You'll be SET! ENJOY!!! Thanks again for the donation...
  14. Theanks Brother @Mr. Fox It's thanks to you that I even started this!!!! You deserve SOME credit, too! Just like @Raidriar (NBR) for testing! Anyway... I hope you are excited about hacking your AW18... I can confirm that it IS possible! hehe Call when you can and lets change some settings that we dont have access to! heh Swick
  15. I forgot to put FPARTS.TXT in the rar file with all other files. I've included the fparts.txt in the OP as an attachment. the text file is there... SORRY! I also included it in v2 of the NEW bios file...
  16. glad I could help... I am in need of 17xR4 testers. I only have 1 and the time change is BRUTAL between us. Anyway, I'd be grateful if you all could help support my work! I'll be able to spend time on the R4 for ya'll AND MANY OTHERS (possibly) if you can... Thanks, Swick
  17. Version 2.0.0


    Bios Release Version – v2.0.0 Updated or Modded Items: A11 UNLOCKED BIOS FOR m18Xr2 (UNLOCKED BY SVL7 AND FULL CREDIT GOES TO HIM FOR UNLOCKING!) SVL7 Also created the PRR2.EXE tool that allows you to flash the new bios by unlocking it. (FULL CREDIT GOES TO HIM FOR THAT FILE PRR2.EXE) Here are ALL the things I've added, modded, and enhanced on this bios - I've added FULL LEGACY SUPPORT ON THIS BIOS with ONE or TWO CARDS (SLI). You can FINALLY use Win 7 OS on your machine and run the 900 series GPU's! This is a MAJOR breakthrough! LEGACY SUPPORT Confirmed. Works with 900 series GPu's in single OR SLI formation Updated the Intel RST Legacy to v12.9.0.2006 (Supports TRIM in RAID0 - CONFIRMED) Updated Intel RST UEFI to v12.9.0.2006 (Supports TRIM in RAID0 - CONFIRMED) Updated the ONBOARD Video Card for the HD3xxx to v2171 - FROM v2132 Updated ONBOARD Video Card for the HD4xxx to v2171 - FROM v2132 Updated the LAN Firmware & PXE Boot from to v2.0.6.6 ADDED NvMe Support for m18xr2 ADDED M.2 support for m18xr2 Updated CPU Microcode to v29 for the 2900 CPU's Updated CPU Microcode to v1c for the 3900 CPU's Updated GOP Driver for Intel Sandy Bridge CPU Updated GOP Driver for Intel Ivy Bridge CPU Updated MAIN GOP Policy module for the m18xR2 Eliminated some code that wasn't used in the m18xR2 Updated CSM Module (v2) Streamline some coding to make mod(s) run a little more efficiently (v2) Added FPARTS.TXT to rar file in v2. (I had forgot to add it in v1) v2.5 to be released shortly. I've updated a few more modules that I didn't realize could be updated. (It's only 3 modules, but it's still an update!) It should be released in about a week. Hope this helps ya'll! Instructions to flash: Use a flash drive to create a boot disk into dos Unzip ALL files into the root of the flash drive (flash.bat, r2final.bin, fpt.exe, flash.bat, prr2.exe, fparts.txt,m18r2.hdr, m18r2.hdr.bin, readmefirst.txt) BOOT INTO DOS – Note, that when you set the bios to legacy in order to boot into dos, you MAY have to reinstall OS! (Just be prepared to reinstall no matter what) Once you boot into dos, run the file flash.bat It will unlock your bios (THANKS TO SVL7’s BIOS UNLOCKING TOOL – ALL CREDIT TO HIM FOR THIS TOOL!) Let it flash… Reboot your pc, and enjoy the MASSIVE updates! Be on the lookout as I do plan to release newer version with more updates in the future. However, it wont be for at least a few weeks as I'm now working on legacy support for the m17xR4 and several other systems. So please be patient! ENJOY! Thread link for more information and discussion:
  18. it's probably not up yet as the admin that runs this site only got the files from me last night. It should be up any time now. Check back every 6 hours is what I would suggest. I'll post on NBR if it's up, just to let people know...
  19. Hey Everyone, First off, YOU TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR FLASHING THIS! YOU WILL NOT HOLD ME RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PROBLEMS YOU MAY RUN IN TO BY FLASHING MY MOD! YOU WILL NOT HOLD TECHINFERNO RESPONSIBLE, EITHER! THIS IS YOUR CHOICE! Now on to the good stuff... I've officially cracked it - either by luck or persistence (I'm thinking LUCK, lol) - A11 UNLOCKED BIOS FOR m18Xr2 (UNLOCKED BY SVL7 - FULL CREDIT GOES TO HIM FOR UNLOCKING!) Here is what I've added/updated/modded/changed/etc... ADDED LEGACY SUPPORT FOR THE m18XR2 - You can now run Windows 7 with 900 series nVidia GPU's! Changed the Default GPU from PEG to IGFX - No need to tear down laptop anymore. 8-Beeps are a thing of the PAST! Updated the Intel RST Legacy to v12.9.0.2006 (Supports TRIM in RAID0 - CONFIRMED) Updated Intel RST UEFI to v12.9.0.2006 (Supports TRIM in RAID0 - CONFIRMED) Updated the ONBOARD Video Card for the HD3xxx to v2171 - FROM v2132) Updated ONBOARD Video Card for the HD4xxx to v2171 - FROM v2132) Updated the LAN Firmware & PXE Boot from to v2.0.6.6) ADDED NvMe Support for m18xr2 ADDED M.2 support for m18xr2 Updated CPU Microcode to v29 for the 2900 CPU's Updated CPU Microcode to v1c for the 3900 CPU's Updated CPU Microcode for other supported CPU's if available! Sorry, I don't remember what version, but if it could be updated, it was!) Updated GOP Driver for Intel Sandy Bridge Updated GOP Driver for Intel Ivy Bridge Updated GOP Policy for the m18xR2 Raidriar added the "Package C-States Lock" to my bios mod - THANK YOU RAIDRIAR! YOU TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR FLASHING THIS, AS FLASHING CUSTOM BIOS's HAS SOME RISK!! I AM IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOUR PC BY FLASHING THIS MOD!! DOWNLOAD INFO: My BIOS MOD should be available in the download section of TechInferno! They have KINDLY offered to host the file, thankfully! You MUST meet the minimum requirements of T|I in order to download files from their download section! PLEASE NOTE: Do not distribute this file. Please tell others that want the file to download it from TechInferno, as the file is GUARANTEED to be clean if you get it from here. If you download it from anywhere else, there is a chance that the code will be changed, and may BRICK your laptop. Therefore, PLEASE make sure you download from here and ONLY here! I'd like to THANK the following people for testing my bios mods to make sure they are safe for the rest of you: Mr. Fox, Raidriar, Rengsey R.H. Jr! Thanks for testing, I'm grateful! RAIDRIAR, from nbr, needs an EXTRA shoutout for testing. He was UTTERLY amazing! He took risks no sane OR INSANE person would! I owe him for testing this! He deserves a LOT of credit for that! Also, I do have an UPDATE to Intel Management Firmware v8.1.64 (I think), but that is a SEPARATE package. If you are interested, you can do that upgrade, too. HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE, if you plan on doing update you MUST do BIOS update FIRST - AGAIN, BIOS UPDATE MUST BE DONE FIRST! AFTER bios update is done, then you can do IME update. If you update the IME then BIOS, YOU WILL BRICK YOUR SYSTEM! YOU MUST DO BIOS FIRST, THEN THE Intel ME Update! If you like this mod that I've done, please donate a couple KEGS of beer to me, as I put a TON of work into this. I put more hours into this than I should have... LoL I can also confirm that this has been tested by MANY people. Mr. Fox, Raidriar, and a few others, and they had NO issues. EXCEPT that they were finally able to install Windows 7 while in legacy mode (set from within bios), and the GPU works completely. The only ting I am still working on is the throttling issue on ALL GPU's (Some worse than others). IF you use Mr. Fox's modded drivers, 355.20 I believe, the throttling issue is minimal with the 780m GPUs. Anything above those drivers seems to throttle all GPU's at a more extreme rate. I AM working on this throttling issue, but I am not sure it's fixable. But I will TRY! Again, I hope you ALL like this, and that it helps you out. Lastly, IF you flash my MOD and you decide to purchase another 900 series GPU, please make sure you use woodstackz, as he sells them at the best rates. Please let him know you are purchasing the GPU because of this mod, as it will help me out a little! I hope you like this! Swick Link To Donate: EDIT: I forgot to put fparts.txt in the rar file with all the other files. sorry about that. I'm including it here on this post! SORRY! PS. I AM working on porting ALL these mods to the m17xR4, but dont know if I can get LEGACY SUPPORT ported! I AM TRYING, but if I can't, I'll be able to port EVERYTHING else... File download link:
  20. Hey Everyone, Well, I was FINALLY able to MOD a fully UNLOCKED A05 Bios for the m18x R1. I created several BIOS's that have the following Intel Raid OpRom v10.5, 11.2, 11.6, 12.9, 13.5. I'm told that 12.9.0 is the BEST version to use with our m18xR1. Also, these ROMS are modded to give TRIM on a RAID0 system! I've tested it and can confirm it does work! I also have an intel ME Firmware upgrade that you can do, as well, but I only sugest people that know what they are doing use it. Only because, for some reason, if you flash the ME firmware, then the Bios, there is a problem and you can brick your ME Firmware. (You'd need a new motherboard). It locks your firmware. Anyway, if you flash the bios that you want, and not even deal with upgrading the ME, then you're fine. But, if you do the ME firmware upgrade like I did, if you flash and bios's, you will need to downgrade the FW, before any BIOS flashing... (I THINK). In any case, you may just want to stick with the BIOS upgrade, as this will give you TRIM in RAID0 support (confirmed with trimtool). If interested, please let me know! Thanks, Swick
  21. Even with the version 10.5 (not 11+) with the modded TRIM orom didn't work at version 10.5? If so, UGH... That sucks! I only saw he did version 11.5 I think. With the modded orom to support TRIM in RAID0 at ver 10.5, that could work, right? If so, could someone give it a try? I have MULTIPLE version of 10 OPROM's that have been modded to support TRIM in RAID0! Thought it would be worth trying. I even have from version 8 and up to support TRIM in RAID0 - assuming 10.5 was tried. I thought it was only 11.5, but if I'm wrong, sorry for bothering and bugging ya'll. Apologies! Thanks in advance for the replies and help. I sincerely appreciate EVERYTHING ya'll do to help! I'd be lost without ya's! Thanks!!!
  22. Hey All, I have found the INTEL OROM's that have been modded to allow TRIM. It has worked on all my systems, but I do not know how to MOD an m18xR1 bios and add the intel OROM. I Have from version 8 to 13+, and most of the versions have been modded to allow TRIM. As such, is it even possible to use them on the m18xR1? We don't need the latest version necessarily, we just need trim support, and no memory leaks. I realize that this subject hasn't been touched in a while, but I thought I'd try and ask if SOMEONE could help! Let me know... Thanks, Swick
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