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Can IMAC 27" Retina 5K display use for 24 hours 7days?


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Hi there,

I am planning to buy an IMAC,

Although I know that IMAC 5K actually is for creator or photo editor to use, I am simply attracted by its look.

I am gonna use it for gaming, just wondering is IMAC suitable for gaming?

Since I am playing online game, which I will probably turn on my IMAC on 24 hours 7 days, I am also worry about if it will overheated.

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Hi Andyki,


I bought an new iMac 21,5" 4K Retina 3 month ago. The System runs 24/7 because i do a lot of Rendering. My experience so far is, that there are no problems with heating or fan noise or anything else. Some renders needs 20 hours and mor with maximum cpu load! No problems at all. I am really happy with my imac and i would buy the same System again.

For faster Rendering (and a little bit of gaming :-) ) i build an eGPU based on NVidea Geforce GTX 980 TI (look at my implementation guide if you are interested to). The external GPU also runs 24/7 without heating Problems.


Perhaps it will help you, to make your decision.




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My experience is that Macs are better suited to stay turned on opposed to windows. Ive had a macbook pro I did not turn off for about 2 years without any major prolems and I simply just closed the laptop after use because I had too many tasks running that I did not wanna lose or reopen again. With my new Dell latitude e7450 there will often be some bugs if I dont turn it off after a while. I experenced problems like programs that wont respond, glitches in the task bar or wifi which wont connect as I never experience with my MAC. But always solved by a reboot. I experinced almost the same with my pc so I think its a problem with windows in general. But now I have SSD, so its not a big deal compared to when I had a MAC which could take several minute for a reboot.


The only problem with letting your Mac staying turned on all the time is that it can be a little bit slow at times.



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